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Sagittarius Money

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Sagittarians long for the day when they will live in the land of plenty. And that means a plentiful money supply as well as other riches. With Sagittarians everything is always possible and the odds rarely too high. Sagittarians are happy to purchase lottery tickets for any number of good causes and will never forget to check their numbers in case this time 'their ship has come in'. This is not to say that they are simply wishful thinkers. Sagittarians work hard for an honest day's pay and it would not occur to them to cheat on a deal. Money is something to be honoured and used. The latter aspect is important. For Sagittarians, money has to be kept moving. When stuck in one place for too long a time, it is as though the money itself forgets what it is there for. So it is for Sagittarians that cash is used and used. Within this circuit it seems that a vibration is set up so that money swirls around and around Sagittarians. They may feel that they never have enough of it but they certainly keep it moving.

Sagittarians like substance and so the feel of a wad of cash is exhilarating for them. Less so a handful of small change perhaps, but a feeling of plenty still exists so long as some cash is available. When Sagittarians have cash, it is brought out often. They are rarely mean and will give something to anyone in need. They appear familiar with a law of abundance that demands that as long as there is free flow of riches, the cycle will continue unbroken and riches will be brought back to them.