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Sagittarius Money

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As entrepreneurs Sagittarians have a major problem in that they are not attuned to the nitty gritty of daily business life. Paperwork is not for them and in fact becomes a chore that they do not handle well. It is all too easy for them to fail to record a business transaction correctly so that the auditor/accountant is left with quite a mess at the end of the financial year. That said, Sagittarians evolve some wonderfully creative propositions which have enormous potential. With the right deputies in place, these ideas can be fully realised. Without these, the ideas may never quite get off the ground. Positively, Sagittarians are never limited by the immediate horizon. Their ability to think on a grand scale and to assume that most problems can be overcome are also assets. Sagittarians have no interest in power but do like to be seen to have 'backed the right horse'. Part of their learning curve is the discovery that with fulfilled ideas comes authority and recognition ; maintaining this pace can be difficult. With just a modicum of attention to detail and utilising their broadening wealth of experience, they can realise many more ambitions and enjoy extraordinary productivity with consequent financial success.

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