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Sagittarius Money

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It is this trait which makes them fine stock market players. Their ability to make quick decisions, combined with sure knowledge of the odds, results in them being able to select a good buy and to get into the frame before others have even seen the opportunity. Once the stock is bought, they are able to read all the signals and sell just as the market tops. Occasionally this backfires - when they were just a shade too rash - but Sagittarians can shrug these errors off and move on to the next thing with little angst being shown. All told, they are good traders, their social skills being such that they mix with many and acquire tidbits of information that they can use to their advantage. It is acquisition of information that forms much of their market playing strategy. That, and backing an instinct or hunch, pays off more often than not.

Sagittarians are not necessarily attracted to the biggest players in the market place. Neither will blue chip companies warrant too much attention. Where Sagittarians excel as forward thinkers, is in picking stocks whose time is about to come. The stocks may vary from penny shares to commodities ; either way it is an acute sense of timing that leaves them mainly winners in the market place.