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Sagittarius Money

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Sagittarians prefer to use cash whenever possible. If they are obliged to use credit cards then they want to pay the bill off quickly. Financial partners should remember this and govern joint finances accordingly. Sagittarians do not work well with those who run up large debts. Sagittarians may be large spenders but generally they keep within their means. They do not respond at all well to large burdens of debt and, in fact, will feel these as though they are millstones. Perhaps it is because they are so aware of this trait that they prefer debit to credit cards. This acts as a brake on their spending which might otherwise be subject to no restraint whatsoever.

It is not true that Sagittarians are luckier than any other sign of the zodiac but it is probably the case that they come out on top as often as they lose out. Along the way, they will have been exhilarated by the risks that they have taken. Having a partner who can curb their propensity to gamble rather more than they ought can be beneficial. Sagittarians do not make wonderful ledger keepers and benefit greatly when someone else is keeping an eye on day to day costs. Sagittarians do, however, think fast and can seize a bargain whilst others are working out whether or not they can or should go ahead with the deal.