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Sagittarius Money

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Sagittarians value professionals. They have no wish to understand the intricacies of professional financial management and only wish to be assured security, and that the person handling their finances is doing so with integrity. Rarely do Sagittarians spend time studying the various savings plans on offer, preferring to make their choice instead through expediency. If the bank is long established, the rate is good and the procedure simple enough, they go ahead with the plan. Sagittarians are generally bored by talk of investment portfolios and will run a mile from any aggressive selling. Given that they live for the moment, talk about the long term future is both tedious and frustrating. This is not to say that they are unwilling to set up a regular standing order from current to savings account; rather that they need to do this from their own initiative and not that of some advisor.

The salesperson who can persuade them that it was really their own idea in the first place will do well. This sort of regular saving works well for Sagittarians when coupled with just one annual review of the fixed amount to be involved. It should be remembered that Sagittarians have no intention of sitting on a nest egg for any length of time. They are happy to save up for a specific purpose and then to deplete reserves and start all over again. They have no need to accrue funds just because that is the norm. What they do need to know is that they will be able to access money when they need it ; and that means building some reserves alongside good credit rating.

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