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Sagittarius Money

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Neither do Sagittarians fear using foreign currency. In fact, there is almost an air of excitement as they become familiar with what this particular cash is capable of doing or not doing. Sagittarians will be aware of the exchange rate at the start of their journey but soon adapt to the different measure of currency on arrival. Thinking in new units is no problem at all.

Sagittarians enjoy spending and particularly spending which is associated with acquisition of knowledge. This to them is money well spent and rarely do they question the price involved. Negotiating is sport to Sagittarians but as a sport it can only be undertaken when they are fully prepared for the contest. Sagittarians do not barter naturally or negotiate easily but they are successful in this area when they are primed for the task and have researched prices and costs thoroughly. They will argue a point firmly and with authority but show grace when they have to concede a point to the other side. They have confidence that a deal will be reached and this is accomplished with neither side losing too much face. Sagittarians are not, therefore, the most skilled negotiators but neither are they weak in bartering skills.

It is not at all hard for Sagittarians to think big. They are not intimidated by big business or left in awe of banking authorities. They feel excluded from nothing and expect to have honest dialogue with persons whose word, as their own, is 'as good as their bond'.

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