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Sagittarius Love Friday 16th November 2018

Mars has arrived at the very base of your solar chart and yes, it is reasonable to expect that emotions will be stirred. Add to that Venus now moving in direct motion, and if there are repairs to a relationship that you need to implement, now is probably the time. Bear in mind that with next Friday's Full Moon in your opposite sign, that it could be that the object of your affections needs to let rip with thoughts they've been holding in - possibly for some months. And yes, this could be uncomfortable. Note too, that is not until mid-December that Venus completes her apparent loop in the sky. View this time as highlighting romantic issues and hold the thought that dealing with difficult matters now should make for a smoother running later. It is perhaps fortunate that Mercury is retrograde in your sign as this should lead to you listening more than usual. It may be that that is all that is needed to repair a partnership. If you're not yet in relationship however, be aware that others may not be quite as free as they imply and that smooth running may not be possible for some weeks yet.