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Sagittarius Love Friday 17th August 2018

If you've been reading these scopes are a while now, then you'll know that July and August 2018 are full of unusual cosmic activity. The fact that both Mercury and Mars have been retrograde: two important factors indicative of highly charged atmosphere suggests that this cosmic weather is not conducive to the smooth running of partnerships. True, all that is offset this weekend by a major aspect between your ruling planet, Jupiter, and Neptune. This aspect often coincides with great waves of emotion though agreed, these aren't always positive. In this instance, if you're already involved in partnership it could be that you and that special person have a revised schedule in mind and are eager to get it underway. A further possibility - especially if for any reason you've been apart from one another, - is resuming relations as soon as possible. By next weekend's Full Moon, which accents the backbone of your solar chart, emotionally you could be riding a major, major wave. This then could be a week to remember when you experience extra ordinary highs and lows but where you're much comforted by the fact that at least one person is putting your needs ahead of theirs.