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Sagittarius Love Friday 30th July 2021

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is retrograde and has returned to Aquarius. Since mid-May you've probably had ample opportunity to see examples of unconditional love. This could give rise to interesting dialogue this weekend. In the early part of next week, the Moon moves through your opposite sign and, as it does, it moves from South to North latitude. For those already in partnership, this suggests a shift in balance. Those seeking to make connection, might also find this a defining time. That these lunar factors coincide with the Sun's opposition to Saturn, suggests that for many this will mark an ending. The good news is that mid week there is ample to suggest both new beginnings and considerable excitement. Obviously this affects all signs. Some though, will likely tune into the positive vibration more than others. You are likely to fall into that latter category. Indeed, never one to shirk the idea of contemplating adventure, you may find an ally in a Taurus or Libra whose plans revive romantic ideals.