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Sagittarius Love Friday 7th May 2021

Before next weekend, Jupiter moves into Pisces. An ingress of Jupiter obviously affects all signs but it does seem that Sagittarius is more in tune with the alteration of dynamics than others. What's special in this case is that Jupiter will be moving into another of the Mutable signs, Pisces, where it accents the base of your solar chart. Emotionally you are about to be refuelled. This is likely necessary after months and months of being cooped up and, to a certain extent, emotionally frustrated. Note that presently, and as viewed from Earth, all the planets appear contained within 180. You probably aren't the only sign feeling trapped and out of sorts. That planetary pattern is about to break up however, and, in the coming months the situation will be very different. Determining who you want to see and when is part of this week's fun. True, there might yet be a few delays. Planning though, starts now and should gather impetus after Tuesday's New Moon. Romantically there really is all to play for and a few months of fun and games to look forward to.