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Sagittarius Love Friday 22nd October 2021

Do you actually know who or what you want?. For the last few years as Neptune has made passage over the base of your solar chart, your emotional world has no doubt shifted this way and that. Monitoring those tides won't have been easy. It may be that you've dealt with ill health or poor finances or both. Perhaps you now crave a salving romantic experience. That's not impossible and could yet be achieved before your birthday. Yet planning will be required. First, there are big issues to confront. Priority must be given to listening - most likely to a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius who feels hard done by. Whilst likely not able to resolve all their issues, the sheer process of listening and letting them know that you are aware of their situation could yet retrieve this partnership. By the solar eclipse in your sign on December 4, the emotional landscape should be so, so different.