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Sagittarius Love Friday 3rd July 2020

With Venus moving forward in your opposite sign, it would be understandable if those closest to you wanted to make plans. And yet: Mercury is still retrograde. For every step forward, it might seem that there are two steps going back. True progress might not be made until next month. In the interim there's nothing to stop you talking and planning! Recall that Mars has an extended stay in the play zone of your solar chart. It entered at the end of last month and doesn't leave until early 2021. There should be ample time for fun and games, dalliance and romance. The trick for now is likely to maintain someone's interest. If you're in a long-term union strains are likely require much understanding - especially around this weekend's full moon. A new partnership could be equally sluggish to get going. That said, by next Thursday, and with the Moon passing through Pisces, you could perhaps propel someone gently round to your way of thinking.