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Brad Pitt

18th December 1963 06:31am CST +6:00
Shawnee OK, USA

Brad Pitt studied journalism and advertising, both subjects connected to his Sun sign Sagittarius (and ruling his 9th house of higher learning), but decided to pursue a career in acting. Acting work soon came flooding in, he became more and more successful and is now a Golden Globe Award winner. In his chart he has Venus strongly placed in her own house (2 nd ) making a lovely angle to the MC suggesting financial success - Venus also rules the 11 th , the 2 nd from the 10 th , ie earnings from work.

Brad's interest in architecture and setting up his own production company can be seen in his chart with four of his personal planets in the ambitious sign of Capricorn.

However, it is interesting to note that most of the planets in Brad's chart are below the horizon indicating someone who's private life is very important to him, possibly more so than his career.

His split from Jennifer Aniston came at a time when transiting Saturn was sitting on his Venus often denoting separation from a loved one. This was followed during the whole of 2006 by the transit of Pluto to his Sun - a time of major transformation. During this year he adopted Angelina Jolie's two children and fathered his own child with Angelina.