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Pisces Yearly 2022

Think back to 2010. What doors opened for you then? Just as in that year, Jupiter passes through your sign until mid-May and again for a short time from the end of October to the end of the year. Jupiter demands expansion and for you to broaden your horizons. It can do so in so many different ways; embracing career, family, health, relationships and finances. It should be remembered that this transit will be followed by Saturn moving through Pisces from 2023. In short, the hangover will come if you don't moderate along the way. Given the high probability of considerable movement around your domestic situation from mid-August through until early 2023, it was surely be wise to be as ordered as possible in the first part of the year, so that emergencies between May and August, don't run away with any financial gains.


Until January 24, Mars moves over the apex of your solar chart and career possibilities should gather momentum. However, during this same period, Mercury is retrograde and plans stalled through circumstances not of your making or of the person who wants to work with you. It may be that plans cannot be realised until both Venus and Mars make passage through your sign from the Full Moon on April 16. There is a significant solar eclipse at the very end of that month which could coincide with an extraordinary offer. It's likely that this is linked either to a neighbour, sibling or colleague you've worked with closely and not at all impossible that you'll be thinking of developing a business together. Exciting as this likely be, it could lead to increased work from home from mid August and might be the driver to requiring greater space and adjustments to your home environment.


There is very real danger when Jupiter is passing through your sign, to want to expand so much, that you overspend. So until May 10 you will need to be super careful. That's perhaps particularly true in the last few days of April when other you could get a career boost, the temptation to spoil yourself could be at its greatest. The thought to, that from the end of August, and is Mars begins is extended stay at the base of your solar chart, that home improvement will likely require extra costs. It may be that you want to work from home and so need added space, it could be that there are urgent repairs to be done. Yes, there is the possibility of swelling coffers through July and into early August but do keep in mind that increased expenditure could easily come your way by the end of the year. In fact, perhaps the key thing around your birthday time, is to put in place a strong and secure a financial safety net as is possible.


As explained, with Jupiter's transit of your sign comes high expectation and yes, likely ample relationship opportunity. Yet it does require that you put some effort in. You should be in the mood to do precisely that as both Venus and Mars pass through your sign between April 15 and early May. That period encompasses a Solar Eclipse and a key relationship could be formed then. That said, there is the high probability of encountering difficulties mid-May - presumably linked to domestic arrangements and the needs of someone from another generation for whom you feel responsibility. In fact, this is a theme that continues throughout the year. By the Full Moon on September 10 however, you should be clear as to who you want to spend time with. A major decision regarding relationships might need to be made in late November. Indeed, it could be argued that Jupiter's station in your sign on the November 24 will mark a very special moment.


Chiron, the planetoid orbiting between Saturn and Uranus is generally viewed as the 'wounded healer'. Its presence in any chart, indicates areas of weakness but also of strength. Many may find that they feel their mental health is compromised - particularly in the summer of 2022 when Chiron aligns with Jupiter. If there have been difficulties in this area, they could be exaggerated. Quick action could make a real difference. As you probably know, the area of the body associated with Pisces is the feet. It would be wise not to compromise on good quality footwear. In looking after your feet and yes, perhaps experiencing reflexology as a therapy, should prove especially beneficial between January 14 and February 4, and again between May 10 and June 23, and lastly between September 10 and October 17th.


Whilst there may be signs of major development within the family around your birthday period, the real action is likely to take place from the middle of August through to the end of the year when Mars has its extended visit to the base of your solar chart. Domestic arrangements are high priority then. It may be that you find yourself shuttling between two places. Another possibility is that major repairs will need to be carried out - these perhaps concerning lines of communication and electrical wiring. At a different level entirely, there may be growing concern about an older relative whom you sense will not be able to cope living alone much longer. Whilst this might not require direct care in 2022, coming onto your radar now affords the possibility of planning carefully and of discussing all options.

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