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Pisces Yearly 2019

2019: a year of movement, expansion and opportunity. For one year in every twelve Jupiter crosses the apex of your solar chart and with that should come prominence. Of course that could be in a negative or positive sense. However, since in 2019 this transit coincides with Uranus' move into Taurus (the 'talking about area of your solar chart) there's high probability of you being in the spotlight. Anticipate others being greedy for information that only you can provide. Be ready too to undertake many short journeys or to be involved in rapid and at times urgent conversations. At one level, this could be about new neighbours moving in on the block. At a different level entirely, you may find you need to make many short journeys. However this plays out - and much depends on your personal chart - your world is set to expand. Along the way you might determine it's time to learn another language or make your views known through blogging or writing short articles.


Jupiter is supposed to be the planet of good fortune. Yet in order to experience career success you do need to have put the work in beforehand. Expect to be under a degree of scrutiny between the eclipses of January 6th and 21st. If you've taken too many shortcuts you could be penalised around the second date. Mercury reaches your sign on February 10th and for an extended stay. It doesn't leave until almost the Full Moon of April 19th. Between those dates anticipate many comings and goings and much discussion about design and presentation. It's during this period you may need to work long hours. Even greater career drama is likely from the very end of June and through to mid August. By then it may be clear that you need to join forces with someone known for their efficiency and on-time delivery. This partnership could be secured around the Last Quarter Moon on August 23 but has likely been incubating for a couple of years. Your ability to research, archive and gather together loose ends is marked through the last quarter of 2019. There's a strong likelihood of you resolving a major difficulty around the Quarter Moon on November 19th leaving you well positioned to take a step up the career ladder or be invited to join a new team in early December.


2019 begins with Mars moving through one of the key financial zones of your solar chart. This would be seem to be an indicator of an expensive start to the year. There may be items that you determine to be ' must haves' - even if that means flexing your credit card. Note though that subsequently rebalancing the books could take the whole of Mercury's retrograde and shadow periods (February 10th to mid April). Given that interest rates are likely to rise and that all signs need to be prepared for this and do what they can to secure a financial safety net, you may need to make saving central to your planning - particularly in the last two weeks of August. However, it's then, and probably in partnership from the end of that month through until early December that you could find new and confident financial rhythm.


The presence of Jupiter at the top of your solar chart should give you an extra and attractive sparkle. That may be particularly true from the solar eclipse on July 2nd. The start of the year could be a little trickier. Emotionally, from the last day of March through to mid May could be exhausting as Mars moves across the base of your solar chart. It's then when you could be at your most agitated. Part of the reason may be local comings and goings: new neighbours or transitioning colleagues. It might also be that someone in whom you have great interest, is here one minute and gone the next. Securing this partnership will likely take time. True, a meeting of minds occuring along the way will no doubt be spectacular: yet there may be as many moments when you have no idea as to whether or not a partnership really is secure for the long term. It's likely to be easier to stabilise this once Jupiter moves into Capricorn on December 3rd. Until then, 2019 should be considered a year of fun, dalliance and courtship.


On February 19th Chiron (the planetoid associated healing) leaves your sign and won't return for many decades. Any angst you have had about personal health issues should reduce. True, new worries will likely replace these. And yes, as Mercury moves through your sign for that extended stay between February 10th and April 17th , routine medical appointments may lead to further investigations. These though, will likely come under the heading of 'better be safe'. The solar eclipses of the year suggests that greater health concern will be about those close to you. You may feel they've taken on too much and require extra support. This though, is where you could excel. Indeed, in assisting others and perhaps doing small errands or joining them for their routine appointments, you ease their path and at the same time boost your own sense of well-being.


Where family matters are concerned, the period around the Full Moon on February 19th could be especially important. This may be connected with the arrival or temporary departure of a relative. An exceptionally busy period family wise will likely also be from the last day of March through to the Full Moon on May 18th . By the solar eclipse on July 2nd, conversations could turn to a relative's financial management and how best you can support them through a period of change. Drama is possible between July 19th and the Full Moon on August 15th . The needs of someone much younger and for whom you perhaps need to make a decision, look to be prominent around the Last Quarter Moon on October 21st. Constant adjustment might then be necessary as Mercury turns retrograde. Around the Last Quarter Moon on November 19th (when another hiatus is possible), facts could emerge marking the conclusion of that particular issues so that by Jupiter's arrival in Capricorn on December 3rd you feel satisfied that not only have you done the best you can, that the way ahead is clear.