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Pisces Yearly 2020

The big news in 2020 is that Mercury has an extended stay in your sign (from February 3rd through to the March Equinox). As you probably know, Mercury has a reputation as a trickster and yours is the sign of the Fishes. It is entirely possible that like salmon, you will choose these weeks to change direction and go upstream. This in't the only clue as to fast moving development in 2020: Venus turns retrograde at the base of your solar chart: suggesting a degree of mayhem as regards romance and property (and the two may be connected!) in May. Obviously much will depend on your personal chart: even so, it would be as well to anticipate a bumpy ride that month. As importantly, and from late June, Mars has an extended stay in neighbouring Aries. This may be indicative of fast-moving cash flow. To regulate this you may need assistance. The 'good' news is two fold: firstly that Jupiter (one of your ruling planets) makes passage through Capricorn and it should be possible to attract just the right kind of expertise and assistance. Secondly, a solar eclipse on June 21st marks an obvious moment to begin a new regime. Whether this is a a new job, the decision to move house or family upheaval, it seems that you will open a fresh chapter - one that solves more problems than it brings.


For the first few weeks of 2020, pushing forward your aims and objectives and putting your best foot forward will likely require that you pace yourself: do more thinking and planning than taking action. Health needs may need to come first until January 10th Lunar Eclipse is in the past. With Mercury retrograde between mid-February and early March you could use that time usefully to review your CV before looking around for other opportunities to advance from later that month. 2020 is likely to be a year of enormous transition for all signs. As the Lunar Node moves from Watery Cancer into Airy Gemini in May, and as Venus is retrograde in that sign, you could work on developing a second revenue stream. In fact, this dovetails nicely with other features. You likely won't be the only sign considering doing more work from home. You're probably right though to think that you now need to spread your talents and have more than one source of income. Whilst true you could hit high-level expenses in the fourth quarter, you might, by the time a new major business cycle created by Jupiter and Saturn's alignment on December 20th gets underway, have reason to celebrate having turned a career corner.


Mars enters neighbouring Aries in late June and doesn't leave that sign until early next year. Its transits through one of the main financial areas of your solar chart suggests high-level activity. Cash flow will likely be volatile. Ahead of this, and from the Equinox on March 22, it would be good to focus on preparing a safety-net or emergency fund. Doing this before Venus turns retrograde in mid-May would doubtless be wise. Perhaps rather more importantly, and to be achieved before mid-February would be to ensure that you have someone you can talk to - at least quarterly - about financial matters. Given the strong likelihood that once the Node moves into Mutable Gemini in May that you will want to invest, having someone to talk through purchases would be wise. An esteemed colleague has already described 2020 as the year of the 'Great Financial Reset'. It will doubtless be challenging for all. But that does not mean that there won't be opportunities to advance. Indeed, you could, by the time Jupiter aligns with Pluto in mid-November get involved in a co-operative venture that brings dividends as early as 2022.


It's not every year that there is such a heavy accent on romance and friendships but that's certainly true of 2020. Both Venus and Mars have retrograde periods. The former turns retrograde at the very base of your solar chart and yes, a rethink about a partnership is probable. You may need to put it on different footing by end June. Alternatively, perhaps you'll be clearing the way and making space for a new relationship that takes off during the third quarter of the year. Romantically there is much to play for. It's interesting that friendships (non-romantic) are set to get increasing attention. Rapport with those born under either Capricorn or Leo is highlighted. Indeed, you could be blown away by a decision that one of these individuals takes (most likely in June), that makes significant difference to the remainder of your year.


Health and wealth are so obviously tied together in 2020. In late June, Mars moves into neighbouring Aries for an extended stay. Until early 2021 trying to maintain good cash flow will no doubt be exhausting - which could have an impact on health. Perhaps you need to spend more time on improving your welfare. That may be particularly true between mid-September and mid-November. As you know, Pisces is associated with the feet and een earlier in the year, these probably need to be given extra care during Mercury's retrograde phase between mid February and early March. It is though, from late June, that the opposite end of the body that will likely require attention. Mentally you might be simply be overworked. It's perhaps imperative that you spend time near water enjoying quality relaxation. To achieve this, you might do well to incorporate weekly walks - preferably near water - into your schedule.


Just how much upheaval where family dynamics are concerned should be apparent during Mercury's retrograde period mid-February to early March. Though full upheaval might not come until the middle of the year, it may be that growing concern about someone's security and health will prompt many meetings with professionals. These though should be productive - particularly in April. As you know, there is a cycle to eclipses. These 'cosmic punctuation marks' accent different areas of life and bring turning point at precise moments. You could experience one of these in the third quarter of 2020: one that results in you growing much closer to someone from another generation and possibly even before the end of the year making plans to join forces with them at some level. A family enterprise could be discussed too - influencing domestic property arrangements.

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