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Pisces Outlook 2018


There are no eclipses in your sign in 2018 - but there are five other significant eclipses suggesting that it will be through developments in other people's lives that you are challenged. You might remember that both Chiron and Neptune are moving through your sign. In 2018, between April and September, Chiron moves on into Aries. If there is decision making for you to do, it's likely to be through those months. This includes a solar eclipse on July 13th when family roots could be shaken. Between then and the next solar eclipse August 11th, 'fire-fighting' is probable. Neptune visits Pisces for around a decade every 146 years (approx.). In a way, you could consider yourself fortunate to be living through this transit. Yours is a sign well attuned to altered states of consciousness and can bring to the fore latent healing ability. Between now and 2025 you could do much to assist others: through healing and problem-solving. By late May, you could be involved either in a charitable venture or, through social media, reaching out to people there's little likelihood of you ever meeting. Especially around May 25th there's the potential for effecting a little magic and making a very real difference to someone's thinking and life experience. All this sets the scene for the last few weeks of 2018 when, with Jupiter at the apex of your solar chart, you could provide guiding light and show those who need it, a positive way forward. Teaching is possible but so too are adventures of the mind - when you show others (again) what is possible.


It could be argued that you've been limping along since Chiron entered your sign in 2010. Once Chiron moves into Aries, you should be in the mood to seize the reins and take back control. The, within just a few weeks, and with the arrival of Uranus in Taurus on May 15th, extra-ordinary connections could be made. It's probable that your particular visionary skills will receive attention and that before the July 13th solar eclipse, that you'll be positioned quite differently within a team. Your gift for packaging ideas, creating imagery and generally motivating whilst easing others into new roles should bring recognition. True, Mars is retrograde from late June and, though you have support from a team, someone theoretically in charge will probably challenge your methods. Before the solar eclipse in August, this person could either concede defeat or move on - leaving the way clear for you to move forward in a new role. That said, you could lose momentum again after Chiron returns to Pisces on September 26th. It may be that the effort of leading (when rally you'd prefer to follow) leaves you exhausted. The next challenge - before December 9th, is to ensure that you don't fall back into the role of 'mopper-upper'. Others need to learn by their mistakes and, from December 9th, you need to be focused on adventure and expansion.


As both Venus and Mars have retrograde periods in 2018, romance could be a bumpy road for all signs - even if it's also exciting. Relationships are all about attraction - which changes over time. Your 'pull' will be different between April and September which is when your heart strings could be plucked this way and that. A particularly interesting time should be July 10th through 26th when you could truly mesmerise. That said, you might not be ready for the intensity of emotion shown and might even, by the lunar eclipse on July 27th, want to back off. Those romantic lights should switch back on in late August - though once Venus retrogrades on October 6th, progress may be stalled until early December. All could be restored following the New Moon on December 7th however. This may be a romantic turning point that leaves you in entirely new emotional space by year end.


The world is going through a sea change where finance is concerned - and you may be one of the first signs to notice just how profound developments are. Impact at the personal level will likely be felt by April, prompting you to think and rethink about financial management generally - possibly prompting involvement in bartering deals rather than dealing with cash transactions before end April. From then, and through to the August solar eclipse, emphasis is on releasing cash through selling - not necessarily because you need immediate access to money but because you no longer need certain items. These funds would enable you to invest in products and services that increase in value given changing needs. As for most signs, the toughest financial period likely comes in October (with Venus retrograde). Whether through essential repair or through delays with a sale or contract, money matters might not run smoothly until late November. By the December 9th New Moon however you could be up and running again having coped with challenge and with a clear strategy for 2019. This is unlikely to include investing in precious metals or, indeed, ownership of anything. Focus by end of 2018 will surely be more on experience and sharing costs.


When developments come thick and fast, destabilisation and then dis-ease leading to sickness becomes more likely. For Pisces, take extra care from March 9th to April 15th and again around 19th August when demands (financial in particular) could cause stress. Your emotions threaten to be all over the place in early October - again with the potential to lower immunity and cause ill-health. Spiritually however you should find the end of May and then the last two weeks of the year particular special: in both cases bringing the potential for self-healing and nourishment. You might also choose to set aside 'spa time' as Neptune reaches its station in November: this too should bring health rewards so that you end the year in better state than at its start.

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