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Pisces Weekly Sunday 20th January 2019

It would be as well to anticipate high drama around Monday's lunar eclipse. It will presumably take some days after this cosmic event before the realisation of actions and decisions taken are fully felt. At one level, it might amaze you that others are now at last moving forward: at another, you may be really concerned as to whether certain individuals are pushing themselves too hard and too fast. Note that yours is one of the Water signs of the Zodiac i.e. yours is one of the signs that most obviously 'feels'. You're probably right to observe that some people are operating solely at thinking level and that their emotions will yet catch up with them. Being prepared for that fallout might be wise. Meantime, don't underestimate the potential for your profile to be raised considerably before the end of this week when Mars and Jupiter make a fabulous aspect. With Jupiter presently at the apex of the solar chart, it's probable that your star will be shining and mesmerising to many.