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Pisces Weekly Sunday 13th October 2019

It might feel as though you're having to dig deep -and at every possible level. For some Pisces, this could translate into actual trench digging whilst for others this is about exploring deep emotions. Careerwise, an archive could assume importance. The care and attention you give to this should get you noticed - in a good way. It might also be that you see the importance of maintaining a paper trail. This might even be a little unusual as those of your sign sometimes have a reputation for being careless or forgetful. Yet you can behave like the best Virgo (your opposite sign) ever. When you decide to be meticulous you excel. This particular trait could be remarked upon by someone either working within the legal community or in further education. In fact, education seems to be an important theme this week - with it being slightly unclear as to whether you are the pupil or the teacher.