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Pisces Weekly Sunday 16th June 2019

This is likely to prove one heck of a week. It begins with a Full Moon accenting the backbone of your solar chart and concludes on Friday with the solstice - which itself coincides with Mars and Pluto reaching the equivalent of their Full Moon phase. Obviously, all signs will be affected. You though could feel as though your roots have been shaken. It might help to see this as being a transplanting operation. It's possible that one chapter of your life is coming to a close whilst another is opening. Whilst you might be preoccupied with the past understandably, the future beckons. Changes both within the neighbourhood and with personnel would understandably be disconcerting. However, you could, by the time the Moon reaches your sign at the weekend, feel comforted that a storm has passed and that even if unwilling to accept, there are opportunities ahead.