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Pisces Weekly Sunday 17th January 2021

There are two kinds of Pisces: the ones who never seemed to know exactly where they're going, and the other kind who are super super efficient. Perhaps you are one trying to be the other! For the first time in over three decades, the Sun aligns with Saturn in neighbouring Aquarius. The effect this has on many people may be disturbing. As a 'fish', you may feel that this is akin to the water in your tank being changed at short notice. And yes, you might wonder initially what is happening as yu are scooped from one environment to another. There is little you can do other than to go along with the flow. This isn't so much about a control issue but that you perhaps need to watch and study others as they try and find their way too. But yes, you're right, their decisions will affect you and yes, it would be good to know what these are sooner rather than later.