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Pisces Weekly Sunday 11th November 2018

With Jupiter's arrival at the apex of your solar chart, you should be ready for a challenge. In a sense, the bigger the better. However, Mercury, already present in this zone, will turn retrograde next weekend. It's probable that whatever the challenges you attract, it will mean going back over old ground. You might even need to redo work that though it was presented well, lacked sufficient substance. Or, it could be the other way around: that the content was good but the presentation was poor. These are the challenges to be faced from Friday. Before then, and alerted to these possibilities, you could experience one of those moments where it's up to you whether or not you throw your hat in the ring and hope to be chosen for the task. This is likely not the time to be reticent. It may be that someone in authority is hoping you will rise to the challenge. Running alongside this theme, it's also possible that you will be asked to assist someone who is no longer well or simple unable to cope with a task.