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Pisces Weekly Sunday 26th January 2020

You have a gift for smoothing things over. With considerable tension likely as Venus moves into right angle phase with Mars, that trait will surely come to the fore. You may not need to work very hard at this as Venus aligns with Neptune in your sign. Your charm and ability to see where ideas can be brought together, and how others might work together for the common good should be obvious. And yet: changes to working arrangements, possibly exhausting travel situations and the determination of some to cling to practices that are outworn will provide considerable challenge. Focusing may be particularly difficult. With so many people craving your assistance, it's not hard to imagine you darting here and there trying to help everyone. Restricting yourself to those situations where you know you can make a real difference would surely be a wise move. In the process, rapport with those born under Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn looks set to increase hugely.