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Pisces Weekly Sunday 1st August 2021

it would be understandable if, at the start of this week you were reminded of an unpaid bill or obligation yet to be made. Of course, this is likely not the first time that this has happened, is just simply that the might of firmer or quicker response might be needed. It could indeed be a week of high drama. Pleural aspects involving Mercury now moving through the drama orientated sign of Leo, suggests many people will be in buoyant mood. On the positive side, this could be fun playtime. Less productively, it could be that dramas are made out of even the smallest of crises. There might even be some amusement in watching how others cope with dilemmas and the roles they choose to play. In fact, some level this might even be inspirational. The key thing to note is that before next weekend the Sun arrives at right to you roundness. You may find you're drawn to the periphery of what is in effect a political argument. And yes, others might want you to take sides. This is perhaps not the moment to do so though yes, it would be understandable if you were affected by decisions. It might be easier to get involved or not get involved following next weekend's new Moon.