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Steve Irwin

22nd February 1962 01:00am AEST -10:00
Melbourne , Victoria, Australia

Steve Irwin was an Australian conservationist whose family's philosophy was to set new benchmarks for the protection of the world's environment and humanity. Steve's stellium in Pisces (the rescuer) opposing Pluto in Virgo describes the extremes he went to and the dangers he encountered whilst saving endangered species in the animal world.

Steve's parents bought their first 4 acres of land in 1970 and turned it into a reptile park. In 1987 they built the Crocodile Environmental Park and Steve spent much of the 80s finding and saving crocodiles - very fitting for a Sun in Pisces. It was from here Steve's famous Crocodile Demos began.

He married his wife, Terri, in June 1992 after which his parents handed over management of the park to them and at which time it was renamed Australia Zoo. Their crocodile trapping honeymoon was filmed and was shown on Australian TV in 1996 when transiting Saturn was conjunct Steve's Progressed Sun - after which he was known as The Crocodile Hunter.

Steve met his death whilst filming a documentary called 'Ocean's Deadliest' when he was fatally pierced through the heart by a Stingray barb whilst snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef . Transiting Jupiter (often connected to going on a journey) was conjunct Steve's Neptune in Scorpio ( Neptune rules the ocean and Scorpio the sting in the tail).