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Pisces Quarterly

Halfway through this quarter, and a day after the New Moon on November 9th , Jupiter arrives at the apex of your solar chart. It last visited this area approximately 12 years ago. Jupiter remains here for roughly a year. The desire to expand your world will surely be great. For those in work, opportunities should abound. Yet for all those born under Pisces, - costs especially domestic related, will surely rise. It might be as well during Venus' retrograde period between October 5th and November 16th to effect a financial housekeeping exercise. It may be that you are overpaying for some items. It's likely imperative to do this is by the solstice on December 20th when it should be clear that certain essential costs are indeed rising. A new approach may well be necessary. For those in a position to invest, there are some promising periods - notably in the last week of October. Obviously your personal chart should be reviewed but in general, you may find that those companies offering protection services or home improvement will offer good returns in 2019. It might be as well to hold the thought that the last week of November is likely to prove super expensive. Indeed, this period and through the early days of December could find you raiding reserves to cover the cost of repairs. Though there are signs of a financial boost around the December solstice, this quarter should find you focussed more on protecting assets rather in than investing.

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