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Pisces Quarterly

You're probably aware that during the course of any year, Mercury has retrograde periods. These are not always in your sign. However, on March 6th, Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces and direct on March 29. Those three weeks could prove tricky for just about everyone except, perhaps those of your sign. Note that your sign is often depicted as two fishes swimming in opposite directions. Perhaps more than any other sign, you know how to go with different currents. As others are running around - most likely like headless chickens in the first three weeks of March, -you may be one of the few able to negotiate with both sides of an argument. Hold all of this in mind as the year gets underway. It should be apparent by the lunar eclipse on January 21st where others think they stand. In the same way that some people have to coax toddlers to leave behind a tantrum and accept rules, your role - especially after Chiron leaves your sign mid-February,- may be to show others that there are different ways of engaging, and that being flexible is imperative.

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