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Pisces Quarterly

By the Full Moon in your sign on September 10, it could feel as though the whole world has turned upside down. This is unlikely to be an easy quarter world-wide with drama indicated in the last few days July and beginning of August. A strong possibility - given Mars extended stay at the base of your solar chart between August 20 in the early part of 2023,- is that you will be given notice of pending changes to the neighbourhood and even to your property. Of course, you could be the architect of all of this: there may be alterations you want to make. Even so, costs could be considerable. The art is likely to be prepared and fact-finding around the Full Moon on July 13 prove useful. You also need to check paperwork carefully and if agreeing work schedules, ensure that there are clauses that protect your interests. Between August 4 and 25th you may find that joining forces with others in similar predicament, gives you an edge.

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