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Pisces Quarterly

At the end of June, Saturn returned Capricorn. This could feel as though you are revisiting an ocean you've swum in before. It's likely that you, - along with many others - still have clearing up operations to attend to. Until just after the August 3 Full Moon, focus will surely be on asset management and coming to terms with revised needs. This is no doubt very different to what you had anticipated at your birthday. After Venus moves into another of the Water signs on August 8th, determining how best to use assets should have your full attention. Be aware that after Mercury moves into your opposite sign on August 20th, others will likely come up with ideas as to how you could improve your lot. It would be wise not to rush at this too quickly though true, with Mars moving through neighbouring Aries, the idea of taking action could be irresistible. That said, take care that you don't happen to a financial accident mid-September. When Mars stations on eptember 10th, you could reminded once again of the need not to be seduced by grand plans that have no foundations.

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