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Pisces Quarterly

On April 4th Venus arrives in another of the Mutable signs, Gemini. It has an extended stay there until early August and so will be moving across the base of your solar chart for many months. Venus, as you probably know, is all about balance and the base usually describes the home environment. At one level you may find yourself living in more than one place. Certainly a degree of to-ing and fro-ing seems more likely than not. This may be especially true from mid-May through to end of June. Career-wise a certain duality may be apparent too: with you undertaking mutiple tasks. A strong possibility given that Saturn has now entered neighbouring Aquarius, is that you will give real and deep thought to long-term savings and health matters. This might be an excellent time to either take up a new exercise routine or address health checkups generally. Family- wise this should prove a busy time too: someone who's been carrying a problem for the last few years may be on the verge might now need your help more regularly.

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