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Pisces Monthly July 2020

The urge to self-interest is likely to increase between now and early 2021. It might even be argued that this is long overdue. As for many people, home improvements could be involved. Note however, that until 12th, Mercury is retrograde in another of the Water signs and taking your time to consider what would really bring pleasure would surely be wise. The global financial news between 12th and 21st may be hard to digest. It may be that savings no longer give needed return. This though, may be just the push you need to consider again areas in which you could develop your talents and receive reward. These don't even need to take cash form. In fact, there are strong indications that in the last few days of July, you'll find ways of living and working (bartering) that don't require exchange of currency or cash, but instead are built on goodwill and understanding.

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