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Pisces Monthly November 2020

It seems that there are two kinds of Pisces: one fish that swims this way and that, is carefree and full of fun and the other fish that worries and tries to do everything as efficiently as possible. Most Pisces individuals are a blend between the two. Until midmonth, when Mars arrives at its direct station and Jupiter and Pluto make their final conjunction in Capricorn in your lifetime, you might not be in the mood to take financial action. All that though will surely change soon after the New Moon on 15th. Indeed, by 22nd and along with many others, you may be seeking investment adventure. Arguably, self investment should take priority - especially if education or training is involved. Yet you might also have interest in developing the skills of others. Conversations taking place in the last 10 days of the month might even bring an invitation to collaborate and form business partnership. As is likely to be the case for all signs, altered financial direction is probable in preparation for the new business cycle due to begin at next month's Solstice.