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Pisces Monthly April 2020

The planetoid Chiron is passing through neighbouring Aries and a key financial zone of your solar chart. It's been doing this for the better part of a year and there is still some way to go. What's important about this, is that Chiron points out weaknesses but also strengths. This month - at least until 26th when so many planets appear to be in direct motion, - the potential to improve your financial position looks to be great. In the days leading into the Full Moon on April 8th and likely in partnership, you could yet score a financial goal. True, you could come unstuck mid-month when temptation could lead you to an expense that is perhaps not as essential as you think it it is. It might be better to wait and review whether or not you really, really need this item or service. It seems now more important than ever as Saturn passes through your other neighbouring sign of Aquarius, that you focus on your financial safety net and building reserves. In this respect, steps taken in the week beginning Monday 20th look super important.

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