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Pisces Monthly December 2018

Until 12th, with Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune all moving through Water signs of the Zodiac you'd be right to expect that the financial flow would be fast and yes, perhaps furious, - especially after the New Moon on December 7th . You will likely need to take care especially between seventh and 12th to keep tight rein on finances. Of course, that's probably true in December at any year. It's unusual though, for all of these planets to be at virtual right angle to Jupiter (now crossing the apex of your solar chart). What this likely means is that desires will surface. It may be very difficult to stop yourself taking action - especially in the days leading into the Full Moon in another of the Water signs and which happens to coincide with the solstice on December 22nd. Hopefully any expenditure will also prove to be wise investment. It might be wise however, to hold the thought that with both Saturn and Pluto en route to a conjunction in 2019, that measures will need to be taken to secure your position. This is not the time to increase levels of debt and you should be wary of making use of your flexible friend (the credit card). Whatever, it would be wise over 26th and 27th, to do a quick financial audit and have, by the end of the year, a clear idea of how you can repair any damage.

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