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Pisces Monthly August 2019

By the end of August there will be an extra ordinary lineup of planets in your opposite sign, Virgo. The New Moon of August 30th could mark the dawn of an important financial alliance. Hints of what's to come, should be apparent before Monday 12th. A cosmic weather change arrives between 12th and the Full Moon on 15th. Then, as Mars arrives in your opposite sign August 18, you could be pushed in entirely new direction. Those of your sign are gifted at understanding what it is that others want and need. You may also be excellent at servicing requirements. It could be argued that latent acumen results in you determining which goods and services offer investment opportunity. Especially around Monday 26th, you could identify a business project with enormous potential. Then, in partnership - perhaps with someone very much focused on practicalities and with proven wealth management skills, you could push into a different financial future altogether. A possible focus of attention and then investment, may be in health related products and services. Give thought too to your feet. (You probably know that this is the Pisces area of the body). An investment you might like to make early in September, is in well fitting and comfortable shoes. Ths might even be your best investment ever!

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