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Pisces Monthly August 2018

It would be as well to be prepared for another helter-skelter financial ride through August. Until both Mercury and Mars are in direct motion at the end of the month, cash flow is likely to be fast and furious. There may be many times when you wonder if it will ever be possible to regain control. The answer to that though is a most definite yes. Over the Full Moon in your sign on 26th , you could take steps that show a level of financial acumen few might have expected. With your two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, coming to one of their more spectacular aspects mid-month, the ease with which you move from one fast moving financial flow to a pace you can manage should surprise others. It might even be a talking point. Perhaps rather more importantly, after Mercury stations on August 19th, you could get a good sense of what to invest in when you have the opportunity in September. That 'ear to the ground' ability could pay fabulous dividends.

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