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Pisces Monthly November 2018

There are several reasons to think that November will bring a wild financial ride for all signs. You may be particularly affected. It all starts with the New Moon on November 7th which coincides with Jupiter, (one of your ruling planets), arriving at the apex of your solar chart. That this event also coincides with Uranus' return to one of the finance zones of that same chart, suggests the potential for excitement. Just a week later, Mercury stations - again at the top of your solar chart - as Venus too arrives at an important station. More than that, Mars arrives in your sign and the Lunar Node moves into another of the Water signs, Cancer. You don't need to understand what each of those things means to sense that with so much cosmic activity, and with your own sign highlighted, that by the end of the month, your situation will be very different to its start. Note in particular that on Monday 26th, the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter align at the very apex of this chart. Whether or not that coincides with a key event, it should then be apparent that a directional change in your financial affairs is happening. That said, a tricky aspect on Thursday 29th suggest difficulties for those who take risks. This would not be the time to gamble.

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