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Pisces Monthly April 2019

Mars is now moving across the base of your solar chart and the urge to spend will likely be great. You will, as is the case for all signs, need to be extremely careful in the first 10 days of the month that you don't exceed a budget and race forward before considering carefully how you are spending hard earned cash. By the time Jupiter stations on the 11th, it may be that an adviser makes clear that you've pushed boundaries. Their caution is likely wise. True, there may be bargains over 14th and 15th which appear irresistible. You might do well though to stay your hand and see if these prices drop - as indeed they might around the time the Sun and Uranus have their first meeting in Taurus on Monday 22nd. Of course, by waiting until that date, you might decide you don't need for the product in any case! For reselling, the key date is Wednesday 24th. It's within 24 hours of this, that you could realise the real value of something that's been around for at least the last 10 years but in that time has accrued great value. Determining whether or not you hold onto this in the hope of future gain or selling to make profit, would require a review of your personal chart. Note however, that your financial instincts are likely to be excellent over the weekend of 27th and 28 and that before the close of April, you could yet make a long-term saving investment.

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