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Pisces Monthly October 2021

Obviously much depends on your personal chart (exact date, time and place) but in the main, Pisces people are said to be versatile and capable of multitasking. It is arguable that perhaps because you take on so much, that it is easy for you to forget things : your mental hard disc is often full! It might help to be aware that just after the New Moon on October 6, Venus begins the annual transit of the base or assets department of your solar chart. Venus is the planet of money. And yes, it would be easy to overspend on trying to make things 'nice' or to make xciting investment. You might do better, - and especially before the Full Moon on October 20, to focus on obtaining estimates. It might also be that through the sale of an item you can boost coffers between 15th and 19th. Then, as the Sun moves on into another of the Water signs on 23rd, you could negotiate good prices and yes, if you're an investor, be on the trail of fledgling companies that may well fly high in 2022.

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