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Pisces Monthly May 2021

You could say that Pisces is more likely to dance to planetary tunes this month than any other sign. Others might even want to stop and watch. It all begins with the passage of both Mercury and Venus at the apex of your solar chart. It's then that it might seem that you're trying out new steps and yes, possibly moving the goalposts - at least where financial matters are concerned. Jupiter then enters your sign on May 15 and when all eyes really could be on you. It should be apparent that major change is in the air. Change though brings expenses. Balancing these against income could be super-hard especially around the lunar eclipse on May 26. It's not that these developments are necessarily 'bad' but that you could feel overstretched and at every level. It would arguably be wise to have someone go through costs with you. This need not be a financial adviser, but a trusted friend or relative. Their advice (especially around 17th 18th) could yet prove invaluable and possibly avert a potential crisis in the last few days of May as Mercury turns retrograde.

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