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Pisces Monthly March 2021

On Thursday 4th, Mars, the energiser, arrives at the very base of your solar chart: most likely creating agitation were asset management is concerned. It would be unsurprising if you gave careful thought to domestic arrangements and indeed investing in home improvements. Researching the likely costs involved would be an excellent exercise to undertake before 16th. Financial banana skins lie in wait for all signs between 16th and the Equinox on 20th. The combination of Sun, Mercury Venus and Neptune all in your sign, should be hugely productive where creativity is concerned, but could lead to costly error if insufficient research isn't undertaken earlier. It's interesting that your two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, come to the next phase of their cycle at the Equinox. This could put you in hugely optimistic but also extravagant mode! Note however that the Full Moon on March 28 could bring with it market correction and yes, require you to do some accounting management yourself.

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