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Pisces Monthly January 2020

Obviously your personal chart has to be taken into account. As a generalisation though, Pisces tends to ride from one extreme to another with the financial waves. An extra ordinary alignment of planets in Capricorn in January suggests that many will experience criis. The waves could come crashing in. Anticipate turbulence. Negotiating all this will surely not be easy - especially around the Lunar Eclipse on January 10. You may need assistance. Financial advisers will likely be much in demand during the last 10 days of January, suggesting that perhaps you should get ahead of the curve and speak to someone who could assist you as the Moon moves through your opposite sign over 14th and 15th. Yes, it could take some time for the waves to settle. Bearing in mind that Venus turns retrograde in May, it is perhaps imperative that you put in place some kind of regulator - whether that be an emergency fund or a regular meeting with an adviser to keep on top of things. Agreeing this plan before the end of January would surely be wise.

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