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Pisces Monthly June 2019

You likely won't be the only sign to feel that your financial axis has tilted. The presence of Mars, Mercury and the Lunar Node all in Cancer between June 5th and 26th whilst on the other side of the zodiac, Saturn and Pluto continue their stately journey through Capricorn, suggests that many people will be assessing their asset base, the value of their homes and property and, even if not making major decisions, realising that these are now on the horizon and that steps will need to be taken before your birthday in 2020. There is of course no need to panic. It may be that in the last few days of June a proposal is presented. This doesn't necessarily mean a change of residence, it perhaps says something about the fact that others are aware of your changing financial needs. In terms of investment, it might would be wise to put travel and education at the heart of any strategy - though obviously with the support of your financial advisor.

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