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Pisces Money

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Pisceans need to go with the flow and assume that it will be moving in a positive direction. When it comes to finance, Pisceans assume that things can only get better. When their finances take a downward turn, they are confused. Piscean view of money is that it has magical properties. They are captivated in childhood by the deeds of the Tooth Fairy and the stories of King Midas or of flax being spun into gold. It is the legacy of these which leads them to believe that cash is special and that it is important always to have it available so that it can be 'spun' into more. It is therefore unnerving for them to experience it behaving in a non-magical way. Piscean imagination is such that they see money as a seamless flow of energy which transforms cash into goods and back over and over again. The concept of 'Half a Sixpence' being better than none is valid for Pisceans. They feel that this one half will attract the other half, sometimes taking this quite literally. They may have a lucky coin or token and deduce that this will look after other coins floating in the dark recesses of a pocket or wallet.

Pisceans have no need to know exactly how much cash they are carrying at any time. They have an understanding and belief that the cosmos will provide so that it does not seem to be important to them to know how much they have down to the last penny.