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Pisces Money

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They do not do this because they are in any way mean - more because it is something of a game to them and yet another way in which the Gods can be shown to be looking after them.

Pisceans are served well by partners who can curb their spending. They are quick to barter and may well have negotiated a sale or purchase in a matter of minutes. It may be open to question as to whether or not this was a good long term move. Nevertheless partners will admire the imaginative way in which the Pisces goes about his business. It is never easy to keep track of all Pisces' financial machinations; as with so many things in their life, they dart in and out just like the fishes they are. This may cause the accountant to have a seizure, but Pisceans will cope with this too, offering sympathy and support, and promising to mend their ways and to keep accurate accounts in future. In reality, they will be desperate to slip away! Being stopped dead in their tracks and to account for everything is anathema to the fish.