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Pisces Money

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Pisceans are generous and would never turn their back on someone in need. Rarely do they count the cost of this - far less budget for behaving in this way. Budgeting at all is not easy for them. To budget requires focus and planning and is therefore alien to those whose natural state is to go with the flow, trusting that somewhere along the line all will be well. In this, they are often fortunate. Pisceans have been known to have money luck through small windfalls. In the form of cash, this can go straight through their fingers. It is hard for them to take cash to the bank, preferring instead to have it around for when they might have need of it. If the cash is not too great an amount, they are likely to give others a treat and simply enjoy the moment. Larger sums cause them to stop and think. They may indeed take these to the bank but, should they do so, their imagination permits them to commit the money several times over. Spending money more than once is an all too common phenomenon for Pisceans.

This may suggest a weakness when it comes to handling money but there is no weakness apparent when they are negotiating. Pisceans can haggle par excellence and have no fear of telling a little white lie if it suits the occasion. They know what they are prepared to pay and may even sift through a stack of identical items to find one whose box is slightly damaged so that they can ask for some discount. They may even ask for discount for paying cash in any case.

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