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Pisces Money

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An empty purse or wallet might worry them since they need to feel that they have enough for immediate needs but their belief system tells them that they will be provided for and that worry might create a negative force field which stops the flow of abundance. When they have cash they spend it - and not always wisely. To prevent this, they carefully fold bills or notes and put these away somewhere for a rainy day. As often as not however, they 'lose' touch with this money so that it is not unusual for them to come across it some considerable time later. When they do, it seems like an unexpected gift from the Gods.

Credit and debit cards are danger zones to Pisceans. There seems little magical about a piece of plastic that has not been minted in Midas' castle and, unable to identify with the plastic card, operating with it is extremely difficult. It is all too easy for Pisceans to adopt a somewhat careless approach so that debts mount up. In the end they may come to the conclusion that it is better not to have these cards at all to prevent falling into what they see as a trap.

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