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Pisces Love Friday 30th July 2021

Jupiter is now retrograde and has returned to neighbouring Aquarius. That doesn't mean that you've lost your sparkle, but it does suggest that you've just had an overture (between May 15 and the present) to what 2022 could be like. It might be wise to take time, stop and think. Where are your most key relationships headed? It's probable that just about everyone you know is stuck between the past and the future. They likely know is that they need to get rid of certain elements and however risky, start the process of moving on. You are not immune to these trends. In fact, in the early part of the week you may be so, so aware of the passage of time and how certain things and relationships have now come to their end. As the Moon moves from South to North latitude late on Monday, and as it passes over the base of your solar chart you will surely feel have an awakening. Emotionally you might then be ready to move forward and yes, try something new. Bonds formed before next weekend promised much. If you want to increase your attraction through this time, consider wearing silver.