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Pisces Love Friday 22nd October 2021

You might not be opening Pandora's box, but there is high probability of facts coming to light this weekend that effectively knock you off your axis - and yes, you could be super angry. Of course, it's always possible that release of passion will be a good thing. Yet it needs to be tempered. Fact is that a group of planets in Air signs should bring with it much talk but perhaps not so much tolerance or understanding. That though is perhaps where you come in? After witnessing a breakup at the weekend, you could easily fall into referee mode mid week. And yes, thanks to you, two people could get their act together and come back together. Certainly you could teach a thing or two about forgiveness and understanding. Yet so much depends on just how outraged you are by events. It might help to discuss romantic dilemmas with someone significantly older - and hopefully wiser.