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Pisces Love Friday 7th May 2021

This weekend it's your use of words that could entrance. By Sunday others may be as captivated by your look. Then, following on from Tuesday's New Moon, it should be obvious that at least one person is seriously intrigued and wants to get closer. Their timing couldn't be better: before next weekend Jupiter arrives in your sign and your magnetism should increase. You can't help but attract others. True, this could take many forms: at least one person might have concern about your well-being and want to offer practical support. It is likely that you will be aware of acts of unconditional love coming towards you when, usually, it's who offers support. Anticipate much discussion about how and where you live and real interest in what makes you feel comfortable and happy. You don't have to play the role of victim but yes, it might temporarily suit you to have others make a few decisions on your behalf.