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Julie Walters>

22nd February 1950 15:00pm GMT +0:00
Birmingham, England

Julie Walters, award winning British actress and comedienne, has a lovely theatrical Ascendant with Leo on its cusp. Leo rising people are those who like to make an entrance - the more dramatic the better - although her Sun, Leo's ruler, is in a 'hidden' area of her chart so she will need to keep her private life just that - private!

Her Sun is in Pisces, a sign noted for its chameleon-like properties, meaning she has the ability to become someone else. Her Leo Ascendant, Sun in Pisces and Pisces ruler Neptune being in a particularly strong position, all support her choice of career.

Julie often worked with Victoria Wood and is most famous for her part as Mrs Overall in the spoof soap, Acorn Antiques. Julie went on to appear in many films in the UK, turning down offers to go to Hollywood (her Sun ruler Neptune is in the 4th house suggesting she prefers to stay close to her roots), such as Educating Rita (for which she was awarded a BAFTA), Buster, Billy Elliot, Calendar Girls and has so far appeared in four Harry Potter films.

Her quirky sense of humour is shown by Mercury in the sign of Aquarius, a sign connected to original and eccentric ideas.