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Libra Yearly 2019

2019 should prove a year of enormous development. It's not simply that Uranus changes signs but that the solar eclipses in January and July each affect the backbone of your solar chart. This is indicative of developments on both the home and career front. A change of pace in both areas is to be expected. More than that, joint financial arrangements will likely need to be re-addressed. Unexpected encounters with those who have some kind of forensic skill seem likely. Yes, for some Libras this will include encounters with the medical profession. Others may find that they need detective type training. This then, would be an excellent year for research and indeed, for overseas travel. Chiron's move into your opposite sign of Aries in February marks a long period of partnership problem- solving. This need not be health-related and may be more about quest or grand adventure.- or even the launch of a business partnership.


2019 begins with Mars transit of your opposite sign. This, combined with a solar eclipse on January 6th, suggests that by the lunar eclipse on January 21st that others will be pushing you into action. Procrastination is not an option. Whatever project you embarked upon between May and October 2018 will come back for final touches and, before the end of February, a determined strategy for its launch agreed. Anticipate working long hours at the beginning of the year. The challenge may be to have something completed before Uranus enters Taurus on March 6th. From then, attention simply has to be turned elsewhere. Those involved in education, publication, the law or long distance travel could be exceptionally busy. It's not at all impossible that by the solar eclipse in July that you will be headhunted for a special role. This is likely something you need to give serious consideration as the financial possibilities may be considerable.


The global financial winds are certainly changing. Within a few years they could be decidedly chilly. It's imperative for all signs that they put in place safety nets. You've likely been aware of this for some time. Property matters may have had your full financial if not emotional attention. That theme is set to continue. The arrival of Uranus in one of the key financial partnership areas of your solar chart is indicative of unexpected developments. It may be that a partner's circumstances change. It might equally be that you decide to sell a large item or give serious consideration to your entrepreneurial abilities. Both Jupiter and Uranus reach stations on 12th August. This could yet prove a significant date when it becomes essential to take immediate financial action. Whereas at the start of the year it seems that others will be pushing you into action, it's in October that you could then push others to comply with promises they made earlier in the year. It may be important that they do this before 21st November so that by the time Jupiter reaches the base of your solar chart on December 3rd , that cash is in the bank.


Anticipate more than a little romantic mischief-making in 2019. This is likely to be at its greatest in July. Yet it all begins much, much earlier. There's a 'catch me if you can' quality at work at the end of February. It may be that a certain person feels that you've given too much attention to working matters during January and that you've forgotten how to have playtime. They may feel you need to put this right - and quickly. That heralds the start of fun and games. You might be amused and even enjoy this during the latter part of April. It might not be quite as funny around the Full Moon in June which marks the start of a period of turbulence that doesn't conclude for some months. Given the strong possibility of wanting to anchor a union before the end of the year, it's probable you'll put considerable effort in and, particularly if involved with someone who has been a bit of a butterfly in the past, reach understanding and commitment before the conclusion of the year.


The arrival of Chiron, the planetoid associated with healing in your opposite sign in February, suggests that health matters will require more attention. Indeed, you may find that 2019 is punctuated by visits to healthcare professionals. This does not necessarily mean that there's something wrong with you, but that you need to give extra care to others. In the process, you might wish to learn more about different medications and therapies. Your ability to grasp you concepts and indeed, research alternative ways of healing is much enhanced through 2019. Take note that the area of the body associated with Libra is the kidneys. Under emotional stress this is an area where dis-ease can manifest. The most stressful times could come during Mercury's retrograde phase in late March and again in November. Both periods should be seen as also offering optimal conditions for improving your spiritual health - perhaps through yoga.


Two solar eclipses, the first on January 6th and the second on July 2nd, highlight the backbone of your solar chart. Both signal new beginnings. The fact that the first accents the family area of your solar chart suggests dynamic developments beginning in January and reaching a pivotal point as Mars opposes that solar degree in October. A major decision could then be taken. This could include making a decision to move or expand a property base in 2020. Shaken further by career developments suggested by the July eclipse, family discussions are likely to be intense - especially between the Full Moons of mid-June and mid-August. Note that Uranus' arrival in Venus-ruled Taurus from March 6th will likely require that you and other relatives give careful consideration to legacies. It's not at all impossible that an inheritance matter will need to be addressed in 2019.