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Libra Yearly 2020

2020 might not prove to be the easiest of years but don't for one minute, think the cosmos is out to get you. Fact is that many curious alignments take place and everyone will be affected to some extent. 2020 promises to be a year of transition. Those born under the Cardinal signs - like your own - will no doubt feel the effects acutely. Libra could head even this group as your ruling planet, Venus, turns retrograde in 2020 and Mars has an extended stay in your opposite sign. These features, together with eclipses and alignments at the very base of your solar chart suggests that this really will be a year for key decision-making. Don't panic! The first of these might need to be made around the Lunar Eclipse on January 10th. This though, might be at decision you find easy - if unpalatable - to make. Property matters may well be involved. Making the mental decision but then acting on it are two different things. It could be many months before determining you've reached the end of one road before you're ready to start the next. Careerwise too, much is set to alter in 2020 with a new revenue stream likely to develop and demand increasing attention. There is also the potential for a fabulous partnership. As with all things, this might take a couple of years to develop to its fullest. Even so, the opportunities that present - especially during the second quarter of the year - may be irresistible.


The lunar node leaves the career area of your solar chart at the end of June and by then it may be clear that your career is going off in new direction. It might be advisable to prepare for this by mastering the fine art of delegating your present role. You could perhaps consider doing this before Saturn moves into another of the Air signs at the March Equinox. Indeed, from mid-February through to late March, it may be necessary to have assistance at work as a new project comes online. Teething difficulties are to be expected of course. Against the background of likely fast-moving developments within the family, this could put you under some strain. Noting that Jupiter conjoins Pluto in your assets Department in late November and then goes on to make major conjunction with Saturn in another of the Air signs on December 20, it could be argued that by then you will have moved your career - almost as though you were moving house, - on to a new platform altogether.


There are three periods in any year when Mercury appears to turn retrograde. The retrogrades in 2020 are all in Water signs with the last, between October 14th and early November likely to affect your cash flow considerably. In preparation for this, it might be wise to master the art of thrift- especially from March 22 through to early July. If during this quarter of the year, you can build reserves, difficulties later would surely be much eased. One of the great wealth cycles begins at the end of November with your sign likely to tune in and realise reward for past effort. Indeed, from Novemer 14th through to the end of the year, you could perhaps replenish earlier losses. What may be important is to self invest - especially between mid-February and late March. Clearly it would be wise to do this with the guidance of a financial adviser. Selecting a person to take on this role could be a process you begin around January 12th with the aim of making your selection before the end of that month.


It's not every year the both Venus and Mars have retrograde periods. In 2020 Venus is retrograde in another of the Air signs and yes you could be in for a bumpy emotional relationship ride from the Full Moon on April 8th through to the Solar Eclipse (New Moon) on June 21st. Repairs to a fractured long-term relationship could be achieved relatively quickly at the end of that month. With Mars' extended and rare long stay in your opposite sign of Aries, relationships of all kinds are likely to demand particular attention in the last six months of the year. You may feel that others are pushing - indeed co-ercing you to be more involved in their plans. They may though, have your well-being at heart. It's quite possible that as Venus moves through your sign between October 28th on November 21st that one partnership will so dominate your thinking that you determine to make commitment to this soon after Jupiter and Saturn align in another of the Air signs on December 21st.


In 2019, Chiron, the planetoid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus began its journey through your opposite sign. No doubt since then health matters have moved higher up on your agenda. That trend is likely to continue. Mercury's extended stay in Pisces between February 3 and April 11 indicates a need to play close attention to diet and health matters (not necesarily your own). Your mental health is worthy of extra care during Venus' 40 day retrograde period from May 13th. Taking extra time out to improve and consolidate your spiritual welfare during those weeks would surely be wise and of great benefit for the remainder of the year. Note that Libra rules the kidney area of the body: balance here is all important. Take care that you're not so busy looking after others that you neglect to look after you.


The lunar eclipse on January 10 draws attention to family matters and a problem that may have been growing in recent months. This could become a crisis over that weekend and take the whole of Mercury's retrograde period from February 17 to March 10 to resolve. After much discussion - most likely whilst you ruling planet, Venus, moves through Gemini from early April through to late June, property matters might be much discussed though not resolved. The solar Eclipse on June 21st certainly draws attention to both career and property matters (working from home?). Even if you decide that a move is not in your best interests, you might decide that you need to make major home improvements. It is entirely possible that by the time that Jupiter aligns with Pluto in late November and with the full support of family (and perhaps even ancestral links) -that you will feel comfortable and ready for exciting developments in 2021.

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