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Libra Yearly 2022

The last thing you need is to look back on 2022 and think 'I wish I'd looked after myself better'. Make looking after you a priority. It's a statement of the obvious, but absolutely essential. There is just so much going on in 2022: it all begins with Jupiter's transit of Pisces. Jupiter moves fairly quickly through this sign and then moves into your opposite sign on May 10. From then, it's busy, busy, busy through until late October. It would be entirely understandable if you were left exhausted. Though true, you might also be exhilarated! In recent years, the accent has been on education and international contacts. Now attention turns to finances and ethics. Your business affairs will be under scrutiny. Whilst acknowledging that you need to improve presentation skills, be aware that involvement in social media and marketing generally needs to be structured. With Saturn still moving through another of the Air signs, you can put in the necessary boundaries - especially mid August when you may need help (a partner?) to focus.


It's not unusual for career matters to be high profile as the Sun moves through the sign of Cancer between June 21 and July 21. In 2022 that could be exaggerated. Jupiter will then be moving through your opposite sign. Its alignment with Chiron suggests a partnership with someone who needs you just as much as you need them. Health issues may be involved. It might also be that you have the opportunity to renew links that were made a couple of years ago. Saturn's slow progress through another of the Air signs, Aquarius indicates the need to invest to improve your expertise. Your personal research and development department may need improved working order. The really big push forward is likely to come during Mars' long transit of Gemini (another of the Air signs) that begins in the second half of August. From then through into the early part of 2023, your ability to impart information is much increased. Don't be surprised if you are drawn into an educational project but find this to be a platform that suits you well.


Now that the nodal axis has moved to the financial areas of your solar chart, it would be unsurprising if money matters warranted extra attention. This may not be a bad thing. True, there are likely to be shocks and surprises: particularly between January 14-19, again between May 23 and June 5, and in your birthday month when more could flow out than in. Yet these may be connected to self investment. You are likely right that an idea that carries momentum in January will need further investment. You should perhaps also be aware that quite separately, family expenses are likely to be high through July. By the last Quarter Moon on October 17, it would be wise to review all debt and credit arrangements. Interest rates could rise making it difficult to meet obligations without feeling pressured. You could perhaps bear that in mind, and set aside an emergency cash safety net between mid August and your birthday, when the cash inflow looks promising.


Chiron, the planetoid orbiting between between Saturn and Uranus is moving through your opposite sign. In any partnership you may need to be the problem solver. This though,, might suit you especially if your Moon is in one of the Fire signs. Whatever, toward from mid-August as Mars moves through another of the Air signs, the need for mental stimulation and to enjoy partnerships that stretch your mind increases substantially. Anticipate that in the second half of the year, that relationships will take on a very different hue: coinciding with increased desire to travel. It's possible too, that it's both those born under the Fire signs of Aries, Leo was Sagittarius who will have your attention.


As you well know, health isn't just physical. Your spiritual and mental health is as important. With both Jupiter and Neptune travelling through what can only be described as a fragile area of your solar chart in 2022, there is likely to be a drain on your nervous system. It will be important to take good care both of your feet and of your head. Think of the extremities first. Buy good shoes, exercise wherever possible, and yes, ensure that your head isn't filled with nonsense and misinformation. There's high probability between mid-May and late October (as Jupiter moves to your opposite sign), of others energising you and yes, you could find this great fun. Yet it might also detract from robust health if you don't have enough time to rebalance. Librans need sleep. You may need even more in 2022 as you encounter what could be happy challenges but which might also be difficulties. In particular, and in the very last days of the year, think about your support system and what you can do to ensure that good health is maintained at a time when your mental batteries are drained.


With Venus retrograde at the base of your solar chart as 2022 gets underway, it would be unsurprising if family matters demanded considerable attention. Relatives might comment on your work-play imbalance. And yes, this may be something you need to give greater attention to before the six-month mark to your birthday (April). Concerns about a younger family member may be raised from mid-May requiring you to learn about treatments or educational projects that are in some way unusual. This though, could find you at your very, very best. You will need to take care that you don't take on unwelcome and too heavy responsibility after Saturn turns retrograde on June 5: a situation that lasts until late October. You may be pleased to learn that once Venus returns to the base of your solar chart on December 10, that your contribution toward family stability is rewarded.

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