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Libra Outlook 2018


It's ten years since Pluto arrived at the base of your solar chart - demanding that you get used to reinventing yourself and dealing with matters which you would presumably have preferred to avoid. (Pluto digs deep and demands that you at least acknowledge the ugly side of life). Saturn now joins Pluto and the slow process of laying foundations begin: requiring re-evaluation of all that's important to you. Saturn's presence in Capricorn also has implications for your career and, like the foundations that suggest preparation for a 'building project' indicates the early steps on the next stage of your career ladder. As of the lunar eclipse on January 31st when it becomes clear that certain people are 'moving on', and before the solar eclipse on February 15th, identifying a gap you could fill shouldn't be hard. What may be tough - especially in March, is acknowledging that at least one working partnership is no longer fulfilling. A break here is likely before the July 13th solar eclipse. On April 15th Chiron arrives in your opposite sign. This ingress might coincide with concern about someone's health. At another level entirely you may be seen as a potential problem-solver and, by Uranus' arrival in Taurus on May 16th, be asked if you would consider involvement in a project due to complete in around 7 years' time. You will, of course, need to consider if this will be a distraction or whether this is something that can be incorporated to existing plans. Family and property matters will likely demand full attention in July - requiring a complete review of resources. These too could unsettle aims and objectives: especially from June 27th through mid-August. It's then though that an idea first touched on in January will likely come back for review. If you turned down that 'offer' in May, this may be back for consideration in August. Mercury's three retrograde periods in 2018 each occur in Fire signs. It's likely then that you will get super-excited at times. Maintaining enthusiasm against the backdrop of the hard work of putting down those aforementioned foundations and adjusting to family needs and financial demands won't be easy - especially from end June to mid-July. It's through this period though that you could make valuable connections: sowing seeds for 2020 and beyond. Your ruling planet, Venus, is retrograde from October 6th to November 16th: its direct station occurring in Libra. 2018 then could prove a bumpy year for romance. Rather than see this as a negative, it might be wise to accept that your needs are changing. You may need more help to build those 'foundations' than someone is able to give. And yes, you will likely need to dig deep into resources (at every level) through this period. That said, and by the last quarter moon (in your sign) on December 29th, you may have good reason to celebrate having endured a 'quirky' year with the ground well prepared for the next.


As explained, it's probable you'll move up the ladder in 2018. True, for some, this could be the year to retire: but even then there are options ahead. Key is, as always, finding something that builds on latent talents. Marrying these with experience is the tricky part. Yet with Chiron's arrival in your opposite sign in April, it may be that you really are the 'best person' for a particular role: one that requires a twist of diplomatic engineering as you prepare for a merge or acquisition. The entire year could find you trying out different working partnerships - and probably not finding the 'right' balance until the end of the year. If you accept that this task can't be hurried and that every trial period has value, then the process ought not to be unsettling. Mid-August should prove one of the optimum career periods of your year. Linked to events taking place in January, it may be that you are then considered to be a unique asset and even, perhaps, asked to consider an adventure in 2019 that would see your horizons broaden considerably. In short, so many career moves in 2018 seem to be about breaking new ground.


Anticipate a roller coaster ride in this area of your life. Keeping track of both income and expenditure could be a challenge! In keeping with putting down those foundations, investment will surely be needed. Until April, more seems to be going out than coming in. Uranus' arrival in Taurus in May has implications for global financial systems: though the full effect of these is unlikely to be felt until October. What is clear is that it will be important for you to have a financial safety net in place: especially between the lunar eclipse on June 27th and the solar eclipse of July 13th when costs related to family needs may be well above average. August though could bring a promising revenue stream and an investment opportunity. Initially you may be asked to give time to a new project (not hard cash). If the proposed launch is post November but before the end of the year, this may be worthy of consideration. All this aside, changes in a partner's financial affairs could have greatest effect on your position. That being the case, it's likely important before April to assess your joint financial affairs and what your position would be should the other person pull out or demand a change in terms and conditions.


There's high probability in late September of you being served a sharp reminder of the need to have good work-life balance. After a probable six months (at least) of looking after others, focusing on your own needs would be wise. By late September, and with the strong possibility of having over-indulged or not eaten or exercised wisely through the middle of the year, you might need to take radical action to get back to fitness: essential if you're to make the most of the bountiful opportunities that should come after Jupiter changes signs on November 7th.

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