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Libra Weekly Sunday 18th April 2021

Yours is not a sign given to over-thinking issues of life and death. Yet you are a good strategist. It may be important presently to consider your legacy and, at a slightly different level, basic insurance. Financial matters of all kinds could have your attention too. Don't underestimate your ability to juggle and to balance the books; not always with cash but with energy. In short, you could come up with a few plans that have considerable mileage and which make clear to others that not only are you on top of things, but that you have a clear direction in mind. Note that it was only last December when Jupiter and Saturn began their most recent business cycle. In one of the Air signs, this cycle should work well for you. What you need however, is to ensure that you've given practical consideration, done good risk assessment, and in short, ticked all the boxes before moving off. That action though should be possible; most likely in the compant of a Sagittarius or Pisces.