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Libra Weekly Sunday 17th November 2019

Prepare to move up a gear. It will be best if you do this as a united front i.e. in partnership. And that is probable given Mars' move into Scorpio on Tuesday. This ingress is followed by Mercury's station on Thursday. Between the two events, someone whom you may feel has been pulling against you could not exactly switch sides, but adjust the tension between you so that you then move forward together with ease. It's just possible that there will be something to celebrate. Yes, you might also need to deal with a crisis. However you've experienced so many in the last decade that to some extent you might not be as fazed as you might once have been. True, your scales will no doubt be shaken and you will likely need support. Careerwise though, it appears that you are moving into a different place altogether and that that could bring with it the potential to improve your world considerably in 2020 - perhpas by working from home?