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Libra Weekly Sunday 5th July 2020

Your ruling planet Venus, is in forward motion, but Mercury is retrograde until next weekend. This is constitutes valuable thinking time: about where you're going, what it is that you want to achieve, and particularly what knowledge you've acquired and wish to pass on. There is much to you to think about. It may be that there is an area of your home that needs to become more of a constructive working space. It might even be that a hobby can now be revived with a view to it supplementing your income in a few months' time. This needn't be a case of cash changing hands but perhaps be a bartering operation. Note too, that it's very likely that people you haven't had contact with in many months will return to the scene. Though perhaps not yet in a position to move plans forward at speed, they might tentatively want to know your availability or desire to be involved with a project they hope to launch in 2021.