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Libra Weekly Sunday 17th February 2019

It would be wholly understandable if you felt knocked for six at the start of this week. That is in part due to the combination of Chiron's arrival in your opposite sign and a Full Moon. Together these might prompt red lights to flash - particularly where partnerships are concerned. Adjustments may need to be made. You might also need to talk to either a health expert or someone familiar with problem-solving (most likely design-related). Be prepared for answers to be inconclusive. Fact is that until Mercury completes its journey through Pisces in mid-April, many people will feel to be living with the unknown. What does look very promising are your dealings with colleagues who work in the field of higher education or who have many overseas contacts. Together a blueprint for a collaboration could yet emerge. Indeed it might be as well to anticipate being super busy discussing all this as the Moon moves through your sign late on Thursday and through Friday.