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Libra Weekly Sunday 16th June 2019

Career dramas are probable during this week of intense activity. It all begins with Monday's Full Moon that accents education and written material. You could have profound a major effect and perhaps yes, reach some commercial reward through something you've written or spoken about. Then, in the days leading into the solstice on Friday (which this year coincides with the opposition of Mars and Pluto across the very backbone of your solar char)t, you could be supercharged as you move your career to new platform. This is not the week to allow your lazy Libra side to take hold. With the Moon making passage over the base of your solar chart, thinking and behaving professionally is crucial. It's probable that your opinion is already well respected and that you are already taking new place on the career ladder. Yes of course you will need time to take a break but that comes at the weekend after you've made all that effort.