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Libra Weekly Sunday 17th January 2021

For the first time in three decades, the Sun and Saturn align in the research and development area of your solar chart. That event is preceded by another key alignment that accents financial partnerships. It's entirely possible that an idea has now got to the stage where commitment and contracts are exchanged. Obviously much depends on your personal life, but it does appear you now have something to truly get your teeth into and will be keen to move forward - even knowing that you will be under time pressure. Don't forget that yours is one of the Cardinal signs you're almost born to lead and so will need to focus on team management. Yes you will need to take the initiative and yes, there will be times when your expertise is called into question. Yet it is possible that you've attracted a situation for which you are absolutely the right person. True, these are early days and it will likely take a couple of years but this project service or item to be ready to be rolled out. The process though starts now, and, likely in partnership, this plan could go far.