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Libra Weekly Sunday 1st August 2021

It could easily feel as though all the fun has stopped as August gets underway. Pressures may be considerable. Yet the opposition of the Sun to Saturn (presently moving through your pleasure zone) is a fleeting thing and this time, coincides with the Moon's move from South to North latitude. Expect a decided change of pace by mid week. True, things should get better again after next weekend's New Moon. That doesn't render the next few days either unenjoyable or unproductive. In fact, you could make considerable headway. Yes, it probably means reaching out and having dialogue with creative types who have very fixed ideas as to how things should progress. Hopefully, this will result in some magical thinking. You might though be asked to consider approaches that are borderline political, and which you feel threaten your delicately balance scales. Keeping your own counsel and deferring signing on the dotted line at least until after the New Moon might be wise.