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Libra Weekly Sunday 27th September 2020

For the final time in roughly three decades, Saturn stations at the base of your solar chart. This, combined with the Full Moon in your opposite sign on Thursday, suggests the closing of a chapter but also the opening of another. True, the process could take until Mars completes its transit of your opposite sign early next year. It should be clear however, that you are in the midst of a clearing-up operation. Yes, your scales could be imbalanced and yes, you will need to look after your health. Balancing all this however, is the high probability of connecting with those with whom you share a special working bond. It may be that this could be developed further. True, you might feel as though you're endlessly problem-solving and to a degree, bogged down in administrative matters. Hold the thought that these times too will pass and that attention to these details now should save difficulties later.