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Libra Weekly Sunday 9th December 2018

It likely feels that you've waited a long time for progress. However, boosted by Friday's New Moon and Mercury now in direct motion together with Venus, your ruling planet, shortly to return to the position held at its retrograde station back in October, it should now be time to pick up loose ends and move forward. It's not that those loose ends weren't important either. It's probable that in the last eight weeks you've learnt a great deal - presumably about technical matters but this could also have been about writing or even travelling. Now, armed with this new information you could start to make plans for 2019 that make use of this new expertise. Bear in mind that there is a solar eclipse in another of the Cardinal signs in January. This, a sophisticated New Moon, appears indicative of a new page turning in your domestic life. It may be that this is connected with your work pattern. Preparing the ground now for those changes and determining what it is brings out the best in you would be a valuable use of this week's energy.