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Libra Weekly Sunday 19th January 2020

Even ahead of Friday's New Moon you may be pleased at the way a project is progressing. You may have found a working rhythm that pleases you at every level. True, this could come on the back of tough decisions taken as the Sun changes signs on Tuesday. The Sun's entry into Aquarius also marks the start of those few weeks every year when your creative juices flow faster than usual. It might then be necessary to find a working space at home to pursue an interest that's been dormant for some time but which you are determined to see flourish. It wouldn't be so surprising if guests to your workspace arrived bringing with them ideas and concepts which they feel would benefit greatly from your input. And yes, they may be right in that this might be the start of a profitable union. In particular, anything to do with advertising or the Internet could now be ready to move to the next stage.