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Libra Quarterly

Through both this and the next quarter of the year, Mars, moves through your opposite sign. And yes, this could leave you feeling as though others are pushing you. Resistance is probably futile. As we know, 2020 is the year of the great financial reset. For now, and especially from August 8 through September 5 as Venus crosses the career point of your solar chart, keeping careful thought to what you enjoy doing and who you want to work with and for how long takes priority. Through July, there are contacts to be made and tentative partnerships to discuss. Then in August, have identified what it is that you want, there's a need to make preparation and get a business proposal ready. By the time that Mars stations in your opposite sign on September 10, a review of each of these factors will be necessary. By then, and most likely in partnership with someone born under Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, preparing foundations to develop a new project will surely have all your attention.

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