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Libra Quarterly

The financial current is set to change after Venus, your ruling planet, turns retrograde on Friday, October 5th . Though it's probable that things will be less than smooth sailing until after the December solstice (21st), and that a clearing up operation - costly in itself might need to be carried out between October 5th and the New Moon on November 7th , you should though have a sense that progress is being made. The fact that you've arrested losses building since at least the Lunar Eclipse in January should be viewed as a positive sign. Note too, that from mid-November, and with the financial current moving faster than it has done in some weeks, you may need to think quickly as to how you negotiate financial partnerships in the future. At least one of these could feel imperative. It may be that a deal can be struck and new systems put in place before the December solstice. It would be wise however - and especially after Jupiter changes signs on November 8th, - to keep careful note of travel and communication expenses which could rise dramatically if care is not taken. Indeed, it might be a good idea to review contracts and see if there are better deals on offer. This in itself could be one way of saving money this quarter.

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