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Libra Quarterly

The first quarter of 2019 promises to be action packed. Not only does the quarter begin with a solar eclipse accenting the very base of your solar chart, but in February, Chiron moves into your opposite sign and a few weeks later, Uranus moves from your opposite sign and on into Taurus. Think of all of this as attempting to cross shipping lanes. Not only will you need to be on red alert, you will also need to adjust your pace and sails many times over. Those who adopt the lazy Libra position could be thrown overboard in March which could yet prove to be a tricky month. It's rather more likely - and especially given the New Moon in another of the Air signs in early February, that you will be ready to seize the day and, now witnessing that someone who's been leaning on you very heavily in recent months is now better able to deal with their own issues, focus instead on amending plans. Careerwise this should prove an exciting period. It's probable that others absolutely need your expertise and to some extent are reliant on you accepting and maintaining a schedule. That might irritate you - given that things have to be in place by the end of March and that between March 6th and 29th the volume of work headed your way is considerable. Yet this when you might make your mark.

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