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For the last couple of years, the formation of the planets have alternated between bowl and bucket shape. As of the New Moon on July 28 those formations disappear (returning later). A splash formation dominates August bringing fresh opportunity for all signs. What has been contained should then be unrestricted and movement easier. That said, the rare alignment of Mars, the Lunar Node and Uranus in Taurus (another of the Venus-ruled) signs suggest that Libras in particular, will experience a financial relationship crisis. Yet as of August 20, Mars moves into Gemini for an extended stay. From then through until the early part of 2023, thirst for learning increases making this a good time to undertake a course though agreed, that itself could prove stressful when Mars turns retrograde in late October. Even so there is potential for reaching out of your usual comfort zone, and embracing new opportunities and venturing into fresh territory. True, the early part of September could be challenging - particularly if you don't have appropriate administration in place.

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