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The cosmic weather is, of course, forever changing. What's offered this quarter hasn't been aroundfor a few decades. The key thing is that Saturn has now moved into another of the Air signs, Aquarius. This quarter offers an overture to something major. Yes, Saturn is sometimes about restriction and yes, the area that it's affecting for you is the pleasure zone. This though may be the time when you move a hobby to more professional status. It could also be the time when a love affair become something more permanent. Aside from that, Venus has an extended stay in another of the Air signs, Gemini: arriving on April 4 and staying until early August. Its retrograde period for 40 days from mid-May will doubtless find you challenged both in terms of travel and in learning. This isn't to say that either is impossible but it does imply that you will need to use new strategies and, during May especially, focus on practicalities. All this is happening as Chiron is moving through your opposite sign and yes, in terms of relationships you may feel that you are carrying more weight that the other person. Careerwise though, your status should be enhanced. If you're involved in any kind of writing or sitting exams during this quarter, be assured that your thoughts are likely to be focused and bring excellent results. Note too, that there is a solar eclipse on June 21 which sems likely to mark an important moment in terms of both your career and family.

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