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Libra Monthly November 2018

This could prove a financial month to remember. Since late last year Jupiter has been moving through one of the so-called financial zones of your solar chart. That may not have brought all the good fortune you wished for. As of the New moon on November 7th ( which coincides with Jupiter's move into Sagittarius and Uranus' return to your opposite sign of Aries), all that could change. True, though you might see glimmers of hope on the horizon then, you might still need to wait until after your ruling planet, Venus, turns direct on November 16th to really feel that progress is on the way. Even so, it should be clear that 2019 is going to be very different indeed. Saturn's long journey across the base of your solar chart - which doesn't conclude until December 2020 coincides with several other key events. It's probable that you are only now realising that the best investments you can make are in home and family. That doesn't preclude adventures and travel. These two could be important investment this next year. What seems clear, is that by the last week of November and with so much focus then on Mutable signs of the Zodiac, that your leadership qualities will be needed as you pursue several and yes, perhaps competing revenue streams.

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