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Libra Monthly October 2021

For the first time in a long, long time, the Sun conjoins Mars in your sign the day after the October 6 new Moon. Mars is the Energizer brining with it the danger of taking action that would threaten your position. It's entirely possible that you could sabotage your own efforts. The good news is that Mercury is retrograde in your sign offering the probability of you 'partnering yourself' and effectively staying your own hand. Taking a more strategic approach between 8th and 11th, might enable you to seize bargains and make profitable moves between 14th and 18th. Mercury moves to direct station on Tuesday 19th a day before the Full Moon in your opposite sign. By then, Jupiter Saturn and Pluto will similarly be in direct motion. The potential for re-stabilising increases. In fact, that could put you in totally new financial position by the weekend of 23rd/24th. What you choose to spend money on will likely be driven by the needs of others. For their part, they could be super impressed by the way in which you have galvanised resources and shown considerable financial acumen. Bottom line is that you could be in strong financial position by month end.

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