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Libra Monthly March 2021

Three days before the end of March, there is a Full Moon in your sign. That lunation coincides with the Sun's alignment with Chiron - often a marker for correction. This is not necessarily bad financial news for those of your sign. However, it may be that a financial agreement has to be restructured. In other words, it would be wise not to count too many chickens. That said, opportunities to expand, to invest in yourself and to take better control of your funds should be much enhanced from March 4th when Mars enters another of the Air signs, Gemini. True, it may be necessary to do some financial juggling (robbing Peter to pay Paul) or adjusting one credit card and setting it against another, - but this can all be done intelligently and with a sound plan in mind. The aim by end of March should be to reduce liabilities. It's worth noting too, that tax savings or reap other benefits may be available to you around that Libra Full Moon. In short, you could end the month more financially secure than at its start.

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