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Libra Monthly February 2019

There aren't many months when all planets appear to be moving forward. Yet with nothing retrograde, things do tend to move forward and at speed. For you, especially midmonth when Chiron (the planetoid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus) takes a position in your opposite sign, the potential for attracting a problem-solver increases considerably. Whatever the difficulties that there have been in recent times, you should then feel that matters are indeed moving forward. True, a slight hiatus midmonth will likely require that you keep careful thought as to how much work you've taken on and can achieve while still maintaining harmonious relationships. Remember, that these are part of parcel of your lifetime quest. All the money in the bank, would presumably not make up for a relationship going sour. The really good news is that it the first two weeks of February there is considerable accent on dealings with those who live either some distance away, or who are involved in further education. It is through these people, that you could both secure an asset, and explore another revenue stream. This may be something that takes on new momentum soon after the Full Moon on 19th. A further and strong possibility is that around the 23rd, that someone you've worked with in the past, will return to the scene with an offer which makes clear how much they value your contribution and how much they want to work with you again.

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