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Libra Monthly July 2020

It's time to build up your expertise. Mercury has now arrived at the apex of your solar chart: a transit to makes every year but in 2020 is special as owing to retrograde motion, it has an extended stay there. It's time to rethink long-term aims and objectives and consider your professional profile; focusing on all you've gained since Venus turned retrograde in May. Note too that mid- month, - and for the last time in many, many decades, the Sun makes aspect to both Jupiter and Pluto at the base of your solar chart. It's arguably time to think carefully about where you are and how much to invest in your home. It may be that you can see there has to be a limitation here and perhaps discreetly need to evaluate and yes, perhaps gain estimates for improvements. The financial focus is very much on self investment and you career and likely working from home. The other possibility is allowing your home to work for you. It may be that you could rent out space.

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