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Libra Monthly November 2020

With Mercury retrograde in your sign for the first couple of days of the month, the accent is on reviewing your situation and determining what bills need to be paid, what costs can be pruned, and gaining better understanding of your position. That should then enable you to consider carefully the viability or otherwise of a major expense around the Last Quarter Moon on November 8. You might not take action until Jupiter aligns with Pluto on 12th, but the more effort you put into finding optimum costs the better that purchase should be. Even then, you might prefer not to make final commitment until after Mars stations in your opposite sign on the 14th. Whatever, it seems likely that the first two weeks of November will find you grappling with a major purchase. Thereafter, and aware now that a more prudent side of your personality has surfaced, you could put even more focus on reducing costs after Venus leaves your sign on 21st. That though, does not preclude considering investment - particularly in technology. This might even be made necessary by mishaps or repairs that are too costly. It seems likely that you will conclude November having depleted cash reserves but owning something you consider to be an investment.