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Libra Monthly December 2018

Midmonth Venus, your ruling planet, returns to the position held at its retrograde station in early October. See this, and the conclusion of Mercury's recent retrograde periods which comes to an end at the New Moon on December 7, as indicators of a financial tide turning. What occurs between 7th and 17th could yet be spectacular. It may be possible to either rescue an old situation, cut losses or advance in new areas or a combination of all three. Fact is that before the solstice (22nd) - and which this year coincides with a Full Moon, your financial affairs could be substantially different to where they were at the start of the year. Though true, December is usually an expensive time for all signs, and though this year could be especially so, you could conclude 2018 feeling that you've turned a financial corner and that investments made have been wise. That said, in conversations taking place from 25th through to 31st, and especially if these concern long-distance travel, it would be advisable to double and recheck their prices.

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