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Libra Monthly April 2019

Mars has now arrived in another of the Air signs and for the next six weeks will be travelling through an area of your solar chart associated with credit card management and with joint financial arrangements. At least until April 11, more cash than usual might need to be spent on daily maintenance and even health. By the time that Mercury arrives in your opposite sign on 17th, just two days ahead of the Full Moon in your sign, it will likely be pointed out that you can do far more with assets. This should give you much to think about. Self investment could have your full attention in the last week of the month. You may be right in determining that it would be wise to undertake another course of study. For a few Libras, it might not be a course of study that is required but rather to put pen to paper and begin that novel. One way or another, by the time that Saturn stations at the base of your chart on April 30, it's probable that your values system will be significantly altered and that you will have determined a new long-term saving strategy.

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