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Libra Monthly January 2020

January's financial cords could yet prove heavy. An extra ordinary alignment of planets in Capricorn at the very base of your solar chart, and coupled the with two eclipses, December 26th and January 10th, suggests property matters will have your full attention. It may be that major investment has to be made before the end of 2020. Discussing options may be paramount. You could also think about wills and estate planning. Priority should be given to anchoring savings and ensuring that money is working for you. Check rates and see if you couldn't get better elsewhere. By the time the Sun changes signs on January 21st, attention moves to new projects and the launch -most likely before the end of March - of a new venture. Preparation is essential. For this, advice will be necessary. And yes you may need to pay for this. In fact, financial advisers could do very well this month. Do check insurance arrangements and put that Libra trait of strategising to good use.

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