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Libra Monthly May 2021

It may be time for you to think quite differently when it comes to financial matters. Whereas investments may have been on the periphery of your mind, they could come to the fore: most likely around the New Moon on May 11th. Just a few days later Jupiter leaves the speculative area of your solar chart for a short trip through the 'working area'. Give thought to this: it may be time to invest in companies that provide essential services. You might even want to think about providing one of these yourself. Though perhaps this idea can't take flight until closer to the end of the year, for now, it might be worthwhile discussing options with a financial adviser. Note that there is a lunar eclipse on May 26th and in one of the Fire signs. Your enthusiasm for a project could wane around that time. You might also hit a financial bump in the road as regards a travel experience that may need to be aborted or whose costs are set to rise exponentially.

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