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Libra Monthly August 2019

Monday 12th of August is likely to prove a red letter day for all signs. Between then and the Full Moon on August 15 you could come to a decision - yes, a decision!, - about an investment. It's probable that this is way out of your usual comfort zone. It could be connected to either further education, publishing, the law or even travel. Clearly much depends on your personal chart. It seems however, that Libra is preparing for a long-term investment. In this sense, long-term would cover the next few years. Plans and ideas that have been incubating for at least the last six weeks, should come back for considerable attention. The first stage in planning is likely to take place around Monday 5th. During the course of that week, discussing options - particularly with experts, older people or with those who clearly have vision - will likely help before you come to that major turning point midmonth. Note that the Sun conjoins with your ruling planet, Venus on 14th. This is yet another cosmic punctuation mark suggesting collaboration. This should prove an exciting adventure which, during the last five days of August, leads to extra-ordinary encounters with those who have further ideas as to how you could boost earnings.

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