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Libra Monthly April 2020

The Full Moon on April 8 is in your sign. Before then you could be on tenterhooks determining exactly what you want to invest in. Yes, decisions need to be made! It would be understandable if, and even with this done, you then had a wobble as to whether or not you'd done the right thing. Fact is though, that all the planets are now in apparent forward motion and you too should be thinking of moving ahead. Yes, the brakes could be applied and possibly viciously as Pluto arrives at its station on the 25th. It's then that a health crisis (probably not your own but that of someone close) or a change in working pattern will require you to focus on that rather than on your revenue stream. It's arguably important that you make the most of conditions between April 15th and 21st to ensure that a safety net is as strong as it can be. With property matters requiring so much attention it would be understandable if most investment was made in that area. That said, and with Mars moving through another of the Air signs, Aquarius, and the risk and speculation area of your solar chart, it's highly likely that you will give considerable thought to investment matters and particularly in a project that has been incubating now for a couple of years.

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