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Libra Monthly September 2020

Mars continues its transit through your opposite sign until early January and the impact of other people's decisions financial and otherwise will likely be considerable. However, it's perhaps not those close to you but global events that could shake your financial world around the Full Moon on September 2. It's then you might decide that you either must invest in a leisure activity that has the potential to be a second revenue stream or to curtail a hobby that is now too expensive. Further decisions will likely need to be taken over 9th and 10th: these coming under the heading of super unexpected. Indeed, it might take you a few days to recover. By Sunday 13th however, Jupiter stations at the base of your solar chart for the last time in over a decade. Until the end of November the accent is very much on securing assets and yes, perhaps realising the value of one or more of these through sales. This may be something you determine to do by the Equinox on 22nd. Again, your financial affairs may be affected by decisions taken by someone close around 24th. Know though that your financial acumen is set to surface from 27th and that by 29th, you may be ready to make an important and joint investment.