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Libra Money

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It is very easy for Librans to think that money is dirty, filthy, lucre. There is something not quite pleasant both about handling money and giving due consideration as to whether one has enough of it or not. Librans would like to be above such matters and prefers to adopt a rather disdainful attitude to personal financial matters. This is not to say that Librans are at all incapable of looking after financial affairs. Indeed this sign, symbolised by the scales, may be perfect at balancing the books and bringing creative flair to financial management. This does not alter the fact, however, that Librans generally do not like to handle cash, finding it onerous and dirty to handle. There is something rather ugly about the whole idea of cash transaction to Librans whose interest may be maintained only when the notes and/or coins offered are freshly minted or are artistically pleasing. For the rest of the time, they would prefer to keep some distance from actual cash. It helps, of course, for cash to be kept in an aesthetically pleasing container and for this reason, Librans make a wise investment when they purchase a good quality purse or wallet.

Once cash is held within something that looks nice, they become more interested in looking after it. Credit card transaction appeals far more to Librans who can generally maintain greater control of their finances by having regular summaries of transactions and statements to reconcile. In fact, it is this system that supports monthly budgeting. Librans are subject to quite violent mood swings.