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Libra Money

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They may display grit and determination and can paint a good picture of exactly what it is that they would like to achieve and qualify the time frame that they have in mind. They do not compromise on spending to acquire information whether this be through books, study courses or consultants reports. In each case, they see the acquisition of information as being potential building blocks on the way to securing what they want. Their bankers may disagree and suggest that they follow bank guidelines alone, but Librans understand that in order to make good decisions, an all round view must be taken. To this end, they will discuss with a variety of experts before making a final judgement. Never is this more true than in making financial judgements. Arriving at decisions in this area requires that Librans access all possible points of view and weighs these up carefully. Librans are all too well aware that once the decision has been taken, they are unlikely to want to review it. Just thinking about the effort that would be involved exhausts them! At such times, others discover the iron fist in the velvet glove of the Libra. With their sights set, decisions made and accurate information to sustain them, they reach their objective and fulfil their financial goal.

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