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Libra Money

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Librans have a tendency to be swayed from the original objective by some fresh train of thought and this can be damaging. A partner who anchors them is essential. Librans contribute enthusiastically to a particular project and delight, with a partner, when the goal is achieved. A financial partner should not be confused with a romantic partner. It is not necessary for the two to go hand in hand.

As another of the information gathering signs of the zodiac, it is hardly surprising that those of this sign take pride in reading either the financial pages or otherwise gathering information about companies in which they have interest. Again, since they make sure that they have up to the minute information available, they are able to adapt their portfolios constantly. However, being a sign not noted for expending tremendous energy, they may be too lazy to take action on the information available and thus miss opportunities. As would be expected from those whose sign is that of the scales, Librans go for a well balanced portfolio. Displaying all the traits of a SuperTrader willing to speculate in the most outrageous market conditions, they balance these with conservative stocks which are generally Blue Chip. As a rule they are discreet in their trading, preferring as always to undertake their trades in a place of refinement. Good manners matter as much as good deals and one cannot proceed without the other.

Librans are keen to explore new ideas and unafraid of displaying leadership skills. They excel in self investment with the result that many entrepreneurs may be found born under this sign. They are never short of ideas and their charm is such that they have little difficulty in persuading others to back their project.