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Libra Money

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For a savings plan to work or this group, it has to capture their imagination. The plans which work best will be those which demand that funds are 'locked up' for set periods of time, since this will stop them from emptying their savings for some purchase or other which they suddenly feel to be essential.Since environment is important to Librans, the bank or building society will have to be a place that they enjoy visiting. If it is untidy, unwelcoming, dirty or plain ugly, they will avoid visiting. Relating is crucial to Librans. Building up rapport with a cashier or manager is another way of securing their financial position. They will usually honour advice given by someone that they perceive to be a friend. They are far less likely to respond to a mail-shot. The planet Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra. Saturn is the planet associated with old age. So it is that Librans are aware that they will want to maintain a particular standard of living in their old age and will be happy to contribute to a pension scheme.

Part of the Libra quest in life is to find partnership. Once in a relationship they feel truly themselves. This is true in financial partnerships too. Librans are never short of a creative idea and these are usually both imaginative and up to the moment. Having a partner who can harness these financial ideas and align these with firm underpinning makes for a superb working partnership which can build success on success.