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It is in childhood when many saving and spending habits are ingrained. From a saving point of view, Librans like all those little games that make saving fun ; the piggy bank, the Disney World bank account etc. Librans tends to develop taste - usually rather expensive - rather early on. It seems that there is always some item that they believe will truly transform their existence. Acquiring this becomes a driving force and they will scrimp and save in order to make the purchase.

It would be rare indeed for any Libra to build up vast financial reserves for there is always something that they feel they need to buy and which they feel would make their lives just a little easier. For those of this sign, the necessities of life include many items that others would consider to be luxurious. Librans do not suffer from a poverty stricken consciousness and fantasise about times when they will be able to afford all that they would like. When thinking about expected windfalls, it is all too easy for them to spend these several times over. Reading of the financial exploits of others never fails to amuse Librans and can whet their own appetite for trying out new spending and/or saving ideas.

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