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Libra Money

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They experience enormous highs which are counter balanced by extreme lows. Should these be caused by financial troubles, they will feel out of sorts for as long as it takes to get their finances back in order. As they grow older, the value of keeping their finances on an even keel and therefore averting these awful depressions becomes more and more important to them. They show great interest in how others resolve financial dilemmas and unlike many signs of the zodiac, can learn from others' experiences. In time, they become very well adjusted indeed, particularly with regard to finances.

Haggling over price is quite alien to Librans. Their perception is that there is something a little vulgar about any kind of financial negotiation so that financial deals, have to be undertaken in the most pleasing of settings. Bartering in a street market would appear unseemly to those of this sign unless this were done in a sufficiently good humoured manner. If shouting or haggling is involved they would as soon walk away from the deal. Librans are refined by nature and set great store by good manners. They may be competitive underneath that well-mannered refinement, but they are not about to enter into any dialogue that might border on a dispute in public.

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