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Libra Love Friday 14th June 2019

It's now not so many weeks since Chiron, the planetoid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus, arrived in your opposite sign. Already you may sense that the relationship boat is tipping. Regaining balance will take time. This is a fresh vibration to get used to. On top of that, Uranus moved into Taurus. All signs of course are experiencing this. You though, may be particularly sensitive given that you so crave harmony. With Monday's Full Moon in Sagittarius (where Jupiter is already transiting), anticipate much discussion about where you are actually going. It may be that if you are in partnership already, that you're pulling against one another and that somehow or other you need to realign your objectives. This might not be easy since the aspects this week are, at best, tense. The good news is that next Friday's solstice brings yet another possibility your way. In short, this week seems to be about tidying up old emotional issues. If you're just embarking on a new relationship, the key is to go steady - don't rush.