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Libra Love Friday 3rd April 2020

Anticipate a marked change of romantic gear as Venus moves into another of the Air signs, Gemini this weekend. It's extended stay there (it doesn't leave until August), suggests the potential for romantic whirlwinds. Be prepared for many ups and downs and yes, for your balance to be disturbed. Yet this is also the stuff of which romantic dreams are made. It won't all be bad news. There's high probability of more than one relationship having your attention. Though you may be focused on a long-term union or a friendship whose roots are so deep that you can barely remember a time when it wasn't there, now that now that Saturn has also changed signs, there's potential for you to form a bond that feels as though it's been there for ever but which is in fact really new. Before next week's Full Moon (8th) in your opposite sign you could experience a truly special romantic moment.