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Libra Love Friday 22nd October 2021

Mercury in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius are now in forward motion. They are joined this weekend by the Moon in Gemini: completing the Air sign triangle. And yes, you should have much to think and talk about. The Sun however has left your sign and now there are deep matters that must be addressed. So it won't be at all surprising if you're more than a little emotional - particularly around the Last Quarter Moon on Thursday 28th. A strong possibility is that someone who has either been away, or is unwell, but would like to experience a romantic wave with you, is simply not able to do so as yet. Perhaps you both need to fantasise. The important thing may be to make some commitment for the future. True, there may be significant hurdles to overcome but, if involved with someone born under either Jupiter ruled Pisces or Sagittarius, their optimism should carry you through.