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Libra Love Friday 22nd February 2019

Since 2008 there has been at least one date in every year, when your ruling planet Venus has aligned with Pluto at the base of your solar chart. Think of this as a reminder of your basic emotional needs. If things haven't been running smoothly or if you need to revive an old relationship, it's around this time that you will be very much on the case. This year there is evidence to suggest that you might try a new tactic. It's possible that this will include planning an adventure. Indeed, it's perhpas only by having a different perspective, that an old relationship can be revived. If on the other hand you're trying to instigate a new alliance, then the challenge may be how to connect given different working schedules. As is likely to be the case for many other signs, it will probably be mid April before things settle down. That's not of course to say that you can't have fun in the meantime, and yes, the very last days of February could bring extra romantic activity your way.