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Libra Love Friday 19th April 2019

This Friday's Full Moon is in your sign and yes, you could go over the top. It would be understandable if your scales were out of balance and that it takes a few days to restore them. It might be as well to anticipate that others will do something unexpected too. Indeed, those scales might not get anywhere near balanced until at least the middle of the week. It's said that Libra avoids confrontation. That, as we know is not always the case. Riding storms though, takes its toll. The good news is that a fabulous aspect tween Venus (in your opposite sign) and Pluto now stationed at the base of your solar chart midweek, suggests that restoration can be achieved. True, in the process you may need to give something up. If you sense that a relationship has run its course however, that may be something you're quite happy to do.