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Libra Love Friday 7th May 2021

Though obviously all signs have a desire to relate, it seems that those born under Libra do so most obviously. You are at your best when you have a 'significant other'. Presently, and as viewed from Earth, all the planets appear contained within 180. Many people will feel as though they are in some way 'empty' and seeking someone to complete that other half. You will likely feel this acutely. For those already in partnership, the needs of that significant other may have dominated in recent times. Hold the thought that soon that bowl pattern will break apart and that all will be very different. This week there are two singular adjustments to the cosmic weather: first is Tuesday's New Moon in Taurus (another of the Venus -ruled signs. This should put spring in your step and could lead you to taking practical steps to improving or enriching your romantic situation. Perhaps most important though is Jupiter's move into Pisces. Then it should be imperative for you to do something about yourself and your well-being. Don't forget that when you look and feel good, you are at your most attractive. Putting emphasis on that could lead to a very exciting romantic twist by next weekend.