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Leo Yearly 2022

The eclipses of 2022 accent the backbone of your solar chart: an axis already shaken by the right angle between Saturn and Uranus throughout 2021 and which likely pulled you in different directions. The good news is that there's high probability of you knowing where you're going by the first solar eclipse of the year on April 30. That's followed just a couple of weeks later by Jupiter's arrival in another of the Fire signs. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and as of May 11, it's set to bring you extra- ordinary connections (most likely with those who live and work far away). True, as Mercury is retrograde at the start of this transit, liaisons could get off to a bumpy start. Yet by mid July it should be clear which of many opportunities should be given greatest attention. By the New Moon in your sign on July 28 you could be all systems go. If there is a difficulty, it's that you really will be swimming in new waters and require time to adjust. Responsibilities - and the financial implications could then weigh heavy. Around the Full Moon on August 12, you might wonder if you've done the right thing. Renegotiation may be necessary when Mercury turns retrograde between September 10 and early October. Yet by the Solar Eclipse at the end of October, confidence is set to grow and you should then feel confident that you're in the 'right' place and doing the 'right' thing.


Your career should take off in 2022. It's been over a decade since eclipses affected the career zone of your solar chart. Between early July and late August, as Mars goes over an important apex, anticipate being thrust into the limelight. Not everyone can be successful as they are uprooted - even if were desperate for a fresh perspective. It takes time to adjust. It's probable however, that changes in the commercial world will have reverberations for the next couple of years. Thinking fast, and adjusting to new situations will be challenging for all. Yet with these changes, and for Leo, could come fresh social opportunities and connections. It's not hard to imagine you concluding 2022 having forged a key working alliance (or begun a new business).


You probably know that three times in any year Mercury turns retrograde. It is not the case that all three periods are necessarily bad. However, you may be seriously concerned about finances on the first retrograde of the year: specifically between January 14th and February 4th. You might also experience financial tension between May 23 and June 3rd and September 24th and October 2nd. The speed at which money appears to flow away rather than toward you will likely be of concern through your birthday month too. The tide should turn in November but even then you will likely require the assitance of a shrewd financial advisor who helps ensure that rising costs do not capsize your financial boat.


Venus and Mars align on March 6th and yes, this could be a key 'starter' date as regards relationships. After all, it's only just a few days after the Piscean (arguably the most romantic) New Moon of the year. Although connection may be made in March, it might not gather much momentum until after Jupiter changes signs mid-May. Then you can really enjoy fun and games between mid-May and late October. It's not that they necessarily then come to a halt, but that a realignment will likely be necessary. Around the New Moon on October 25, you might need to make a decision as to whether or not a relationship should go forward. Saturn's station on October 23 could be important. This may be when you make the decision as to whether or not you really do want to stay tied or involved.


Throughout 2021, the two planets Saturn and Uranus were at right angle to one another. This may have put pressure on your back. It's likely imperative to take care of your skeleton, and perhaps give greater thought to gentle movement exercises that would improve strength in that area. You won't be alone in feeling that your nervous system also requires extra attention. This will likely be true for all signs over the next few years. It's more than just about mental health. This is about how you negotiate communication systems. It would be advisable - especially as Mars moves through your opposite sign of Aquarius between March 6 and April 15, - to do what you can to anchor yourself. You could apply similar techniques between July 5 and August 20. It's possible too that around Saturn's station on Sunday 23rd October, that you would likely benefit from a health MOT to ensure that you're in good and strong position for end of year festivities.


With so much eclipse activity at the backbone of your solar chart it would be unsurprising if there were to be major developments within the family scene. A strong possibility is someone considering a move away - or involvement with someone from very different culture to your own. Talk of property move or extension should increase too. Perhaps most important of all - and especially around the Full Moon on August 12th will be awareness of responsibility converning someone from another generation who requires extra care. It may be that you will require support in this developing situation by late October.

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