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Leo Yearly 2020

For the last couple of years no doubt day-to-day living has been hard. Saturn's transit of Capricorn hasn't been easy for any sign but perhaps been particularly challenging for Leo. Nothing though stays the same and in 2020 Saturn moves on into your opposite sign of Aquarius. This will bring challenges of a different kind - most probably in the relationship department. Anticipate that you will need to take on extra responsibility. For some this will involve looking after someone from another generation; others might decide to either end or begin a relationship. Either way, commitment issues are set to loom large. Yet this could ultimately be in a very happy way. Indeed, by the time Jupiter reaches Aquarius on December 20th you may be moving swiftly and happily onwards. On another positive note, with the Lunar Node moving into Gemini and the friendship area of your solar chart, potentially key connections should be forged from late June.


You've likely known for perhaps as much as a whole year, that an altered career direction is advisable. It might even be clear already that the cosmos has orchestrated this for you. Though much depends on your actual birthdate, the probability is that your career roots are already shaken. This might even bring your entrepreneurial talents to the surface. And yes, perhaps it is time to do your own thing. Yet Venus and Mars have retrograde periods; the latter particularly important. Mars will be retrograde in another of the Fire signs and accenting an area of your solar chart that's all about learning. It may be that retraining is imperative. This may be something that is difficult to accept between mid-September and mid-November. However, improving qualifications would be wise. In all probability you will also have to consider how you live and work; possily entertaining the idea of making a move or revamping your present living conditions to make it possible to work from home.


It seems that every year is demanding financially but 2020 could be unusual in this respect. An esteemed colleague has already described the year is that of the 'Great Financial Reset. They may be correct: austerity could hit at so many different levels. You would be an unusual Leo if you didn't get caught in the storm. In any year Mercury has three retrograde periods. These follow a pattern and those in 2020 are in Water signs. This is where cash flow is fast and furious. You may be caught in a financial downpour between mid February and early March but dry out during the second quarter of the year. It would be wise though not to take too many risks. Though there ought to be signs of improvement during the third quarter you could be caught in yet another financial tempest in September. By that time, and most likely because of either domestic or business partnership issues, it may be necessary to seek expert advice. It is though, probable that by the solstice on December 20th, you'll feel you have control of the reins once more.


You'd be a rare Leo not to give romantic matters serious attention in 2020. Saturn, the planet of commitment moves into your opposite sign. And yes, at one level it might seem as though it's make or break in existing relationships. Saturn is the 'planet with the rings' and negotiating boundaries and territory will surely be necessary. Of course this need not be onerous. Fact is though, that both Venus and then Mars have retrograde periods in 2020; doubtless bringing relationship unsettlement to all signs. Maintaining quality partnerships will require extra effort. Yet by the end of the year you may be ready to make deep and lasting commitment. And yes, it's entirely possible that as Mars moves through another of the Fire signs from June 28 and through into 2021, that you'll give much attention to planning - and then enjoying a romantic adventure.


In 2020, Saturn moves into your opposite sign. Though this will likely coincide with increased responsibility both at work and at home, it also has implications for health. You may feel you are carrying too much emotionally and that will surely have effect on your physical body. It's arguably important - especially in the first couple of months of the year, - to pay attention to your bones and structure. Take care that you don't lift things that are too heavy and suffer a back injury as a result. It might be as well to incorporate load-bearing exercises into your fitness programme. Particular care should be taken during Mercury's retrograde periods between mid-February and March 10 and again between 18th June and July 12th when there is danger of depleted mineral levels.


You may recall that Uranus moved into another of the Fixed signs, Taurus in 2019. It doesn't leave that area for a few years yet. This will likely bring disturbance both in your career and yes, within the family. The dynamics are set to change - and how. Much of this may be driven by decisions taken about property and where and how to live. There might also be the issue of how best to look after those from another generation. Saturn's entry into your opposite sign of Aquarius may coincide with you shifting position within the family and yes, likely taking on more responsibility. Though this may not be something you want to do - by the time Jupiter reaches Aquarius in December, you'd likely agree that you were best placed for this task and that you are excelling at it.

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