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Leo Yearly 2019

However enthusiastic you are to see action in 2019, by the lunar eclipse on January 21st the wind could be taken from your sails. Dawning realisation that you are driven by new desires but that yes, these will bring considerable upheaval will likely be unsettling. You may have had a hint of chaos yet to come in 2018 when, for a few months between mid-May and October 2018, Uranus visited the apex of your solar chart. It makes full and final entry to that zone on March 6th and will remain there for seven years. There's little point in even attempting to hold on to the past. Uranus is the planet of revolution, chaos, disruption but yes, also enlightenment. Until December 3rd , this transit coincides with Jupiter's visit to Sagittarius (another of the Fire signs) where it transits your leisure and pleasure zone. This is yet another indicator of your need to speculate, play, and bring to the fore any latent talents. The combination of Uranus and Jupiter transits should have singular effect on your love life. 2019 then promises to be a year of considerable excitement.


The apex of your solar chart where Uranus arrives on March 6th for a 7 year stay, indicates aims and aspirations. Uranus' presence demands that these become more exciting. You might even feel that you need a divorce from your present career. Perhaps you crave doing something completely different. Uranus has a justified reputation for bringing out entrepreneurial qualities. Given Jupiter's transit of your play zone, and a growing need to enjoy what you do, it may be that you make the decision to start your own enterprise. Clearly before doing so you would need to take advice. That might best be obtained in May. Indeed, business planning that month would be a wise use of planetary energies. Reviewing how far you've come and what changes still need to be made might best be done between October 4th and mid-November. As is the case in every year, Mercury has three retrograde periods. One of these, in July, is through your sign. This is when any doubts should be addressed. View these not as obstacles but as challenges. Note too, that at some point you will have to appraise your delegating skills. Before the end of the year it may be necessary to have a support team to assist you in developing seeds planted in 2019 and that you want to flourish over the next seven years.


Global financial winds are set to change direction in December 2020 and all signs are advised to do what they can to secure a financial safety net during 2019. Those of your sign should take particular care as the combination of Uranus and Jupiter transits could lead to you indulging in wild speculation. Tempting as it may be to take what appears to be an educated risk, remember that there is a fine line between this and gambling. Yes, it may be important for you to change career direction and accept the financial consequences that come with this. Yet it would be wise to do this under guidance. Your financial adviser needs to become your best friend. Particular care will need to be taken during Mercury's retrograde periods. It's not that these are necessarily bad but they should be viewed as optimum times for double-checking, obtaining estimates but not necessarily making commitment. You won't be the only sign giving considerable thought to property and valuations but could be tempted to make major changes. Here again, it's imperative that this is done under guidance. The presence of Uranus at the top of your solar chart is a strong indicator of wild variation in both income and expenditure. Again, ensuring that a safety net is a secure as possible would be wise.


Theoretically 2019 should offer a wild and fantastic emotional and romantic ride for Leo - perhaps especially in January and again through July and August. Through the July-August period, romantic fun and games are highly likely - and may be something you look back on with much amusement (though at the time you could experience emotional turmoil). A large part of the year's challenges will focus on how others choose to handle the changes you are determined to make. At least one relationship boat could be rocked before stabilising in December. Midst the chaos, the constancy of at least one friend (a Taurus or Virgo), may be something you value above nearly all else.


With probable disruption on many fronts it would be understandable if there were health repercussions. Priority should be given to taking care of your back: not just down to carrying extra responsibility but because of the risk of injury through sports or moving too quickly. Accidents often happen through haste. As Mars moves through your sign between July 2nd and August 17th, and with Mercury retrograde for some of this time, the risk of happening to an accident increases. Note too that air quality may be an issue for you in 2019. Remember: yours is a Fire sign and fire needs good, but controlled air to breathe. Take care that property moves or building works don't leave you vulnerable to dusty and poor quality air conditions.


As you might expect, disruption (Uranus) affecting the back-bone of your solar chart will likely shake domestic foundations. For many people, making the decision to move will take priority. Others may find that it's the coming and goings of others that change the dynamics in where they live and work. Jupiter's transit of the ‘children's' zone of this same chart indicates several things: firstly that you might resurrect a childhood interest, secondly that you might have increased involvement with younger people and thirdly that interest in sports (the link here is youthful) activities. Each of these themes should be seen as potentially joyful and eventually leave happy memories of 2019.