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Leo Outlook 2018


With a lunar eclipse in your sign on January 31st and a solar on August 11th, the cosmos seems to have its spotlight on Leo: anticipate rare opportunity and fast moving development. Yet yours is one of the Fixed signs: you don't 'do' change easily. Mercury retrograde in Fire signs in 2018 however and there should be obvious opportunity to rethink and change your mind as situations develop. The 'big' news is that Uranus (planet of the unexpected) moves into Taurus (another of the Fixed signs) in May, and so reaches the apex of your solar chart brining shocks and surprises on both the career and domestic front. You may decide that you've 'had enough' and that you need to move on. At a different level you there's the potential to get involved with a community (or even political) project offering an excellent platform to display your many talents. Until November, Jupiter makes passage across the base of this solar chart and yes, you may feel you need 'more' - of everything. At many levels other people will surely find you demanding and yes, at times, obstreperous, if you don't get your own way. That reaction would, obviously, have negative impact - especially during Venus' retrograde period (October 6th to December 17th) when care will be needed if you're not to destabilise an important union. Two other solar eclipses: in February in your opposite sign and in July, in neighbouring Cancer, suggest that your world could be rocked initially by a partner's announcement (in the first quarter of the year) and then, in July, by the realisation that you will need to spend more on repairs or family needs: in both instances to secure assets. 2018 then looks as though it will bring significant challenge: the upside being that by year end and Jupiter's move into another of the Fire signs, that experience - though it might seem like manure thrown on soil initially - should leave you in proud and strong, exuberant position by year end.


What you thought you wanted at the start of the year will surely be very different by the close of 2018. From February's solar eclipse and the realisation that you and a working partner are not on the same page, determining fresh objectives is probable. (conversely, if you're already going it alone, you might then decide to go into partnership). Possibly driven by overseas connections or awareness of the need to retrain, by mid May, the shape of your working day could be significantly altered. You'll likely need more home working space as you develop another revenue stream. For some, this might even require a review of domestic arrangements entirely and either a house move or revised use of rooms. During the summer and yes, possibly because someone is away from their desk and you're not inhibited by their presence, you could truly shine; putting forward creative options that leave others excited and determining that they need you on their team. That could leave you with a dilemma in October when you might need to consider whether to stay or to go. Either way, by the end of the year you could have a new job-title entirely.


As of February it should be obvious that 2018 will be a wild emotional ride. Mars turns retrograde in your opposite sign on June 27th and yes, it might seem that a certain person is pulling away from you - though you could come back together again in August. Once over this hurdle though, that same person might think that you're pulling away from them when Venus turns retrograde at the base of your solar chart in October. It's likely to be December before you feel to be on even emotional keel. Not that all this is necessarily negative: true, the strength of a union could be tested (and yes, there may be issues of envy and jealousy to contend with), yet it's as likely that new attractions will form. Be aware that the aura around you is set to change significantly with Uranus arrival in Taurus in May and that as a result you'll attract (but true, also, repel) some people as a new, and energetic 'you' emerges.


Let's start with the premise that 2018 will be one of those years when there's never enough! Yet there is potentially good news: the inventive and inspirational part of your brain will surely click into action from April 15th . It's from then that you could find innovative ways of financial juggling that result in you avoiding catastrophe. True, by July there may be concern that asset management isn't going quite as well as you'd hoped - that though may be as much down to global trends. You should also be prepared for above average expenses from October 6th through November 22nd - though recovering financial equilibrium may be possible in December. Throughout the year however it will surely be necessary to keep a tight rein on spending and, where possible, build a reserve cushion to cover potential drains on resources between those key dates in October and November.


You surely won't be the only sign to cope with the threat of dis-ease in a year when there is significantly planetary 'gear change'. It would be wise - especially as Mercury moves retrograde between March and April 16th, to have health checks and make changes to diet etc to improve conditions. Chiron, the planetoid associated with health, arrives in another of the Fire signs on April 17th. This needn't bring with it health issues, but it is possible that the 'extra fire' could result in you acting impetuously, and 'happening to an accident' or over-heating your physical system. Ahead of the high probability of you needing to exercise your lion's roar in October, ensuring that you are in peak fitness would also be wise. You could also consider planning a break (not necessarily an expensive holiday) in December as a recharge period in preparation for considerable excitement in 2019.

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