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Leo Weekly Sunday 17th January 2021

For the first time in roughly three decades, the Sun and Saturn align in your opposite sign. View this as a 'full stop moment' as regards partnerships. In the business world, this could either bring to an end or begin a fresh contract. The issue is all about commitment. If it is the case that one door is closing, then be assured that another is opening. A few days prior to this alignment, Mars and Uranus meet at the apex of your solar chart. This is a 'Jack in the box' cosmic signature suggesting you might have something to say about the direction you want to take and yes, it is likely to be linked to property and career goals. Put all this together, and it's not hard to conclude that your life is about to go off in new direction. The limitations of the last year may have been beyond your control, the ones you are choosing to accept this year would seem to be very much within it.