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Leo Weekly Sunday 18th April 2021

With so much planetary attention now at the apex of your solar chart, once again conversation could all be about your career, where it's headed, and where you live and how you work. This theme is set to continue for some time. In fact, plans made this week might not take off fully until the node reaches that point in a couple of years' time. The point is, it seems you're now ready to think and live differently. Of course that may have been thrust upon you by the pandemic. It's probable though that long before even that, you were aware of the need to move - possibly literally, - and certainly in an adjusted career direction. What's interesting now is that others seem keen to hear your ideas and thoughts that have been incubating in recent months. They may not agree wholeheartedly - and in fact challenge some of your thinking, - but the fact that they're listening at all should ensure that you feel valued and supported.