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Leo Weekly Sunday 9th December 2018

You could so, so come out fighting this week. With the cosmic winds firmly behind you i.e. the recent New Moon and Mercury now moving forward, even before the solstice on 22nd, you could achieve what seems at the beginning of the week almost unimaginable. The art is probably to focus on what you can truly do and what you want. Where you have the vision, achieving it might not be anything like as hard as you imagine. Fact is, that you have qualities enthusiasm, persistence and determination and a fixation of purpose alongside extra ordinary creative talents that others both admire and need. It wouldn't be so surprising if by the time Mercury returns to Sagittarius next Thursday, that more than one person wanted to make use of your very considerable talents. You might even end up spoilt for choice and spending next weekend giving close consideration as to which task ought to take priority in 2019.