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Leo Weekly Sunday 16th June 2019

It's the solstice at the end of this week and that usually marks a change of gear. This time it could be a dramatic one as on the same day, Mars opposes Pluto. This is often seen as an intense, passion and even violent encounter. The stage for this dramatic turn of events will likely be set on Monday when you could be alerted to the very real possibility that someone is changing their mind about a plan that you thought was sealed some days ago. Understandably, this would lead to intense discussion. The strong possibility is that a colleague feels that more is being demanded of them than they are able to give. Of course, it's possible that they are dealing with intense family or property issues and simply can't put your concerns about a working matter at the top of their agenda. Things will change as they always do. The art presently may be to ensure that your assets (mental health as much as financial) are not compromised.