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Leo Weekly Sunday 21st April 2019

The sun is now blazing its annual trail through the career zone of your solar chart. This year that trail promises fireworks as Uranus has now joined the sun in Taurus. More than one person might wonder what has got into you. Yet it's probable you've now identified a goal and are almost electfied by potential. True, you may have been incubating this plan the better part of 18 months. Now though, it seems likely you'll be propelled into action. True, for a few Leos, it could be that it's others who ignite your passions. All Leos might require expertise and guidance and yes, that could prove expensive. By Friday you might wonder if you've paid out more than was necessary. Yet it seems more than likely that you'll feel compelled to branch out in new direction and be excited and exhilarated by the prospect of development. All that said, be aware that the pace might be too hot even for you to handle. Before Friday you might welcome support and guidance from those born under the Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces who, without dampening your enthusiasm, assist in keeping your energy levels up whilst ensuring that tasks are undertaken efficiently.