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Leo Weekly Sunday 17th February 2019

Perhaps you've already felt the effect of Mars' arrival at the apex of your solar chart? At some level it appears you are supercharged. Indeed, it might seem to some that your thermostat is most definitely not in operation. That may be particularly true until around Tuesday's Full Moon. By then, Chiron (the planetoid orbiting between Saturn in Uranus) will be firmly established in another of the Fire signs. Whilst at one level, this might act as an emboldener, it may be that you really needed this push. As of Wednesday, and yes, most likely having negotiated a significant domestic trauma, you could be giving greater thought to your working pattern and how to make better use of your considerable talents. Along the way it may be necessary to part company with someone who though they offer much in terms of design and creativity, lack the practical skills needed to see a project through to happy conclusion.