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Leo Weekly Sunday 18th August 2019

Mercury is still in your sign but both Venus and Mars will have moved into neighbouring Virgo by next weekend. It's probable that by then you will be giving even greater thoughts to 'balancing the books' and preparing to make a large purchase before the end of the year. Don't underestimate your ability to look at the detail involved. However excited you may be by developing possibilities on Monday and Tuesday, as of Wednesday, dealing with practicalities becomes essential. The fact that this requires dialogue with those who appear to be in a position of power yet require your assistance as much as you do theirs, suggests that negotiations could progress. In fact, it could be argued that this would be a good week for buying and selling. prices could move yet lower. This though, is when doing that essential background detective work should come in useful. Though not a trait normally attributed to your sign, in 2019 you could yet show an ability to undertake that type of research.