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Leo Weekly Sunday 11th November 2018

Jupiter's arrival in the fun and speculation zone of your solar chart should bring a surge of creative energy. Yet until Friday, Mars is moving through your opposite sign. Mars' exit coincides with the First Quarter Moon in Aquarius and suggests that the end of this week will mark the conclusion of one battle and no, not the opening of another, but a fresh page altogether. Bear in mind that next weekend not only does Mars change signs but both Mercury and Venus arrive at stations. It's likely that by Friday you will need time out. Your brain might well be working in overdrive from this Monday 12th through until Friday. Don't underestimate either your ability to absorb information or to stand firm on a point of principle. Note too that you also have an ability to retire with grace or allow an opponent to do that. Indeed, by Friday others could be describing you is a real class act as you gently allow one obstacle course to fall into distant memory and instead, look forward to new and more exciting challenges.