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Leo Weekly Sunday 1st August 2021

It could feel as though a ton of bricks has landed on your head. It's not simply that the Sun in your sign opposes Saturn which it does once every year, it's that this coincides with the Moon's move from South to North latitude. For all signs, this is likely to prove a decisive moment. You though could feel this acutely - particularly where property matters are concerned. Of course, this may also have something to do with partnership financial arrangements. Note though, that this is likely a turning point - though of course, much depends on your personal chart. The dialogue which follows should be most interesting. The art is likely not to be too headstrong (a Leo word), and to listen to others' fears as to what happens next. Note that there is a New Moon in your sign next weekend. This week is about gathering information and assessing where others are headed and which troops you need to marshal ahead of turning the new chapter which follows. This could all be super exciting - rather like the exhilaration felt by a diver just before they leap. All you have to remember is to take your parachute with you.