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Leo Quarterly

Until August 20, Mars moves over the apex of your solar chart hopefully bringing with it an energy surge. This should be particularly apparent at the New Moon in your sign on July 28. This luantion coincides with Jupiter's stations in another of the Fire signs suggesting that this really will be a period to remember. If in recent months, you haven't known quite which where you were going, expect to realise a sense of purpose. True, even then there is much preparation to be done. Jupiter will then be turning retrograde and won't return to these degrees until the end of the year. That provides a useful time for gathering information and ensuring that you really do have the correct qualifications for moving forward. Though true, nothing is ever perfect all the time and there may be significat challenges (notably between August 12 and 20th), and again from September 10, it appears that you'll soon be travelling a new path and engaging with those who are more spiritually evolved.

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