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Leo Quarterly

This first quarter of 2019 promises to be super-busy for all signs. With the lunar eclipse in your sign on January 21st, it may be that many eyes are on you and the decisions you make. Note that before the end of this quarter Uranus will have arrived at the very apex of your solar chart. True, it danced around this area for a few months mid-2018. Now though, you may far more sure about where and how you want to live and more willing than you have been in many years to seize controls. It helps that Chiron (the planetoid moving between Saturn and Uranus) arrives in another of the Fire signs mid-February. That it does so just after a New Moon in your opposite sign, suggests that once others have declared their hand, that you may then be in a good position to negotiate and secure a deal. In short, as you steer your boat in new directions you should discover along the way that others are willing to ammend their plans and that the next stage of your journey will find you with interesting even if at times, challenging companions.

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