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Leo Quarterly

Venus turns retrograde at the very base of your solar chart on October 5th and doesn't return to this degree until mid-December. Between those two dates, repairs, reconstruction and other property management related issues could have your full financial attention. This might in part be prompted by a financial partner from the First Quarter Moon on November 15. The degree to which they are willing to invest in you and your schemes is likely to be much discussed - especially after Jupiter moves into another of the Fire signs, Sagittarius, on November 8th. This should be seen as the start of a new 19 year financial cycle. If involved in any kind of group or association, their financial planning might also need to be considered. It could take you until the weekend of November 17th-18th to persuade others of the best way forward. This though is likely something you can manage before the end of that month. Jupiter's arrival in the research development area of your solar chart should be viewed as a positive signal for investment generally. Though obviously this has to be done under the guidance of a financial adviser, it may be that they have recommendations to make that would secure or at least improve a savings platform. This though would no doubt require moving funds around and will require considerable care attention in the first week of December. By the New Moon on December 7th however, a revised financial system should be in place encouraging you to save but giving you some freedom to make interesting (most likely leisure related investments) between December 21 and year end.

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