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Leo Quarterly

Saturn has now moved into your opposite sign but will retreat back into Capricorn for a few months. This quarter should be viewed as the overture to a performance scheduled to start at the solstice in December. Obviously much depends on your personal chart, But, that said, it is probable that you are already aware of altered responsibilities in close relationships. For some leos this could provide a 'parenting' moment. On April 4th Venus moves into Gemini for an extended stay. This could bring you into contact with new groups of people experiencing similar challenges. You might choose to join a group or association with yes, something of an agenda, but not necessarily political. You might also be acutely aware of the need to look after yourself better. It may be that you need a better mental diet and should explore different reading material. And then there is the issue of property: Yes, this theme doesn't seem to be going away and, with a major eclipse occurring on June 21, determining where and how you want to live indicates that these thoughts will dominate.

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