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Leo Quarterly

2020 is proving a tumultuous year and we're only halfway through! Mars though has now arrived in another of the Fire signs: view this as an energy boost. This is where the fightback begins. By the Full Moon on August 3rd, it should be clear exactly what obstacles have to be faced. Between then and the Sun's change of sign on August 20, you are likely to be in the mood to prepare your personal business plan and to ensure that others are made aware of your revised aims and objectives. You could achieve much by the time that Mercury changes signs on September 6 when, coincidentally, Venus arrives in your sign. That's when you could truly get your message across and yes, perhaps even begin a new venture entirely. True, Mars is retrograde on September 10 and you could be reminded of just how much learning and spadework will be needed. The art this quarter of the year, is surely to make the most of the energy surge that's likely to come in early August.

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