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Leo Monthly October 2021

As a Fire sign, there is a part of you that reacts instinctively. You don't however necessarily come with a good thermostat and so need to learn how - and when - to control the flames. That, or other people have to throw cold water over your ideas and make you aware of the practicalities that would thwart your endeavours. Listen to advice carefully in the first six days of October. After then, Venus moves into another of the Fire signs and the temptation to 'fire up' should increase. In fact, the tempo could be such that you're a raging furnace by the Full Moon on October 20. By then Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all be in direct motion and the potential for renegotiation and moving forward on deals increases dramatically. You won't be the only sign to be concerned about rising costs and, as the Sun moves to the base of your solar chart over the weekend of 23rd/24th you may have real concern as to whether or not a financial fire is in danger of burning out of control. It might be wise to discuss matters with a financial partner or adviser in the last few days of October. Their input could lead you to making super wise investment and finding access to a financial thermostat that you really can control.

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