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Leo Monthly July 2020

By mid-month you might reasonably wonder if you've scraped the bottom of the financial barrel. You might also wonder if there's any hope whatsoever of turning the situation around when it seems that others are also facing acute difficulty. Yet the cosmic weather will change. Yes you might worry about the quality of the financial lifeboats available but, by the time the Sun reaches your sign on 22nd, change in financial current should be discernible. You entrepreneurial spirit should surface before the First Quarter Moon on 27th when you could come up with an investment plan. True, there is still the possibility of being seduced into action by a proposal that is not underpinned by sufficient practical experience. Yet it appears the questions you ask - especially between 27th and 31st- will make clear to others that your financial acumen is not so far from the surface and that you will be on their case to ensure they honour obligations.

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