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Leo Monthly March 2021

Research suggests that the early part of March often brings financial turbulence. A key date in 2021 is the Full Moon on March 28. The good news is that this is a Sunday - so perhaps markets won't be too badly affected. That said, the last few days of March could yet prove tricky. Leos usually say that they like a life of peace and quiet, but it is perhaps also true to say that they enjoy a little drama! There could be plenty of that both in the first and last three days of March. It would also be advisable to take care with joint financial matters in the week leading up to the Equinox on 20th. It's then that you may be seduced into spending more than you can truly afford. All that said, there could also be room for bargains and for negotiations - particularly around property matters. This could be a major theme in the week beginning Monday 22nd. A revaluation is probable. You might though be excited to discover that something you thought had no value, has more than you thought and would likely even accrue more if it is well looked after. So another theme in the latter half of the month is insurance and protection of assets.

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