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Leo Monthly August 2019

It might seem a statement of the obvious but how you conclude August from the financial perspective depends very much on how you spend and invest in the first 12 days. It may be the repairs have your attention or that domestic matters prove extra expensive. With the Sun, Venus and Mars all moving through your sign, the need to have things done will surely feel imperative - especially on Friday 9th. That's perhaps a date that you should red-ring as being financially risky. The same is arguably also true of Monday 12th when others could put pressure on you to make decisions which on the one hand seem very sensible but which likely require thoughtful consideration. Obtaining estimates and perhaps readjusting plans may be necessary at the Full Moon on August 15th. By the end of the month planetary activity moves to neighbouring Virgo. This marks one of the key financial zones of your solar chart. It's probable that you need to invest and to rebalance your finances will then be at its most acute. Given a promising aspect between the Sun and Uranus, property matters could once again be involved. Indeed, the very last days of August could bring with them a fresh approach to financial matters generally but this time with you feeling that you're juggling and keeping options open - but this time with financial confidence.

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