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Leo Monthly November 2018

It is recognised that when Jupiter, which changes signs just once every year moves to its new sign, that that event bring with it a global financial ripple. This coming one could be bigger than most as it coincides with the New Moon and Uranus' return to Fire sign, Aries. Anticipate, that there may be financially choppy waters between 7th and 9th. Whatever direction your personal finances take, be prepared for opposite movements a week later - over the weekend beginning Friday 16th. It is then that not only does Mercury station, but so too does Venus as Mars moves into Pisces. That same weekend the lunar node leaves your sign and moves on into Cancer. There is high probability that concern about savings will lead to you reaching out for advice. As is the case for all signs, it wouldn't be a bad idea to arrange a meeting with your financial advisor. It may be that a review of agreed risk levels is now essential. Doing that before the Sun and Mercury align with Jupiter in the speculative zone of your solar chart on Monday 26th would be wise. It's then that you could feel tempted to speculate. Though not necessarily a bad thing, it would be as well to accept guidance and ensure that you're not being lured onto financial rocks.

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