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Leo Monthly February 2019

Uranus will soon begin its long transit of the very apex of your solar chart. This is sure to bring excitement and unexpected opportunity. If it doesn't affect your career level then it will most likely bring property issues to address. Ahead of this Mars arrives at this sensitive point and could be said to kick start the whole process. By the Full Moon on February 19th, you will likely give considerably more thought than ever to where and how you want to live. Note that yours is one of the Fire signs of the Zodiac. For Fire to work well it requires air. Air quality may be something you need to take into account. With regard to finances, it's also imperative that you keep money on the move. With no planets retrograde during February, the potential for moving forward at speed, making deals and generally pushing forward boundaries increases substantially. True, you might feel as though you've been derailed midmonth when someone who agreed a schedule in January asks to amend the deal. It may be that the revised timetable would be cost-effective. Risk assessment will likely be required in the days following the Full Moon. An opportunity that sounds too good to be true may well be. By 23rd, it would be wise to take the counsel of an experienced financial adviser and ensure that adequate due diligence is employed before you agree and sign off a deal.

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