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Leo Monthly January 2020

You may feel you've hit financial buffers by January 12. True, this is not uncommon post the festival season. 2020 is different in that this is the first time that Saturn and Pluto align in Capricorn in your lifetime. What we know is that this combination demands review and pruning and yes, for many, austerity measures. Coming hard on the heels of two important eclipses (December 26 and January 10), it's highly likely that property matters will demand both attention and cash. You may find yourself juggling more than usual and quite probably, with Mars moving through another of the Fire signs, Sagittarius checking to see if better rates can be found using global companies. Maintaining control of cash flow will no doubt be difficult. Note too, that in a couple of months' time Saturn moves into your opposite sign. This too suggest that brakes will soon be applied. In short, during January it's likely important that you practice thrift management with the carrot of easing pressure later.

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