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Leo Monthly June 2019

Mars continues its journey through neighbouring Cancer. This is likely the optimum time to consider both long-term assets and pension arrangements. Even if you feel you too young for that, it would be as well to consider just where to put savings and make these work for you. This theme isn't going to go away any time soon and may be particularly important around the solar Eclipse at the beginning of next month. It's entirely possible that you will be given a heavy hint on the first day of June that long-term financial security requires greater attention. We already know that with Uranus' transit at the apex of your solar chart, that property issues will require extra attention. This may be particularly important in the days around the First Quarter Moon on June 10th. It's then that you might need to 'raid the piggybank' in order to secure what appears to be a good deal and indeed could be - though much of course depends on your personal chart. Further expenses are likely soon after the solstice on Friday 21st. These may be holiday-related. Whatever, there is much to suggest that you could be delving into and raiding savings rather than accruing them.

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