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Leo Monthly September 2020

It seems there is no such thing as an easy financial month in 2020: the year of the great financial reset. There's high probability of you ignoring red flag warning signals at the Full Moon on September 2. There's also the real danger from Sunday 6th when Venus moves into your sign, that you overspend in an effort to try and make yourself feel better. By midmonth it might even be wise to take a good friend shopping with you - allowing them to stay your hand to avoid impulse purchases. Hopefully by Wednesday 16th these tendencies can be restrained. It's midmonth that you might be ready to accept a degree of fiscal responsibility and not at all in possible that by the Equinox on Tuesday 22nd, that you will have grappled with this daemon and be learning more about investment and savings. By 27th, when Mercury arrives at the base of your solar chart, you could show considerable financial mettle. Indeed it's not impossible that on Tuesday 29th you show an instinct that makes clear that you are competently riding a difficult financial wave and now have contingencies in place should there be further challenge.