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Leo Monthly May 2021

Jupiter moves into Pisces this month and there is a Lunar Eclipse on May 26 that heralds a solar eclipse on June 10th. There is high probability of alteration toglobal financial matters. No sign will be immune. For Leo it may be important mid month to discuss financial obligations and how these might be recalibrated. This would cover everything from extending a loan to agreeing new terms entirely. This would best be discussed between 11th and 16th. Before 11th, it's important to take stock and do a quick review of assets and your general position. It's probable that you will soon want to invest either in a trip or in a hobby or creative experience that would help lift your mood. This would surely be a wise investment. That said, it may be important to discuss this with a financial adviser who is well aware of previous dramas and how much you need to protect assets. Your risk management strategy has no doubt altered in recent months. By the end of May, you may wish the world to know how determined you are to preserve your position even whilst exploring new options.

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