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Leo Monthly April 2019

If you reflected back on your financial life would you agree that it's often the case that others talk you into financial difficulty? Could it be that in the past you've been too easily seduced?. (Though true, this likely applies to all signs), it may be that had you taken a different path between 2011 and 18, that you could have accrued greater assets. Rather than view all this is a loss, you might agree that you've undertaken the equivalent of a Masters degree in finance. It's unlikely that you will ever be caught out in the same way again. That said, the cosmos is sure to set tests along the way. One of these is probable as Jupiter arrives at its station in another of the Fire signs on April 11th . Take care in the 48 hours either side of this that you don't make an expensive mistake and, where possible, seek advice. You could then, by 14th, negotiate fresh terms. Property matters are certain to have considerable attention in the coming years. An offer made as the Sun moves into another of the Fixed signs, Taurus on 20th, is likely worthy of consideration. It may be that someone who expressed an interest a year or so ago, is now back looking to see if they can cut a fresh deal.

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