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Leo Money

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Those born under the sign of Leo are ruled by the Sun. Just as it is that the Sun is indispensable to life, so Leos feel that they too are indispensable. Leos value themselves highly and require that others acknowledge their value. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Leos' attitude to finance.

Leos know that they are valuable and are worthy of the best that is on offer. They are naturally attracted to the most expensive items on the shelves and require goods which 'shout' their quality and magnificence. Never are Leos more miserable than when they cannot afford a product. To be bereft of either cash or credit card to purchase an item is a painful experience indeed for those of this sign.

This being the case, it is strange that Leos do not learn to have more respect for cash than they do. One would suppose that they would treasure and store their money so that they could acquire goods as and when they need them. This, however, is not the case. Money quite literally slips through their fingers. This is not solely because Leos are busy purchasing items for themselves; commonly it is due to their enormous generosity towards others. As they themselves like to be appreciated with gifts, they enjoy showering others with abundance even if this compromises their own financial security.