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Leo Money

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Leos are drawn to those things which are thought precious. They have an affinity with gold but other metals and precious jewels excite them also. They are natural speculators who have the happy knack of being able to buy at optimum moments and to see the value of goods rise spectacularly. They like nothing better than to be in the midst of an unfolding drama which sees them as central characters of the play. And play it is, in one sense, since it is the thrill of being there, following the scent and making the final pounce just as the market seems to have stopped reacting that gives them a real thrill. The absurdity of it all and knowledge of having made a spectacular gain with little effort gives them much to smile about.

For Leos it is essential to have genuine enthusiasm for a stock before purchase. Pouring over company accounts or newspaper tips can bore them rigid but they respond fast to someone's verbal tip. They have the ability to stay the course and to hold on to stock for a period of time. They want to see fast results but equally know that there is virtue in being steadfast. Persistence can pay off. In the case of Leos, this may be seen in the purchase of blue chip stocks which seem to have lost value but which they know will return to former glory. They have to take care here and be sure that they are holding on because their instinct tells them to and not because they need to be seen to be right.

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