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Leo Money

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Leos work well when they have a routine to stick to. On occasion, others can find this commitment tantamount to sheer obstinacy or stubbornness. However, it is the very routine of setting up and adhering to a savings scheme that benefits Leos and enables them to save up for items that they deem essential; usually holidays.

Financial partnership for Leos can be uneasy. It is imperative that the other party understands that what they may see as non-essential, Leos sees as essential. Indeed, much of what Leos do can seem extravagant to others. Under closer examination, however, it may be found that some of these apparent extravagancies have proved to be wise investments. Their ebullient nature and apparent confidence in the strength of their financial reserves when the reality is quite different, will exasperate the financial partner who has to try to deal with the newly created problem. Harsh words may be necessary but, even then, Leos may win by convincing the partner that only by conveying an image of wealth can wealth be attracted.