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Leo Money

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Leos hate to be in debt to anyone - and the possibility of financial embarrassment is abhorrent. They may not see use of credit cards as being debt and will enjoy having the more ostentatious of these cards available for use. But this, of course, requires that they keep a weather eye on their credit limit. All too often Leos are within 10% of their credit limit and it is important that they manage to stay on the right side and experience no public humiliation at being shown to be on the wrong side of that limit.

Leos can save and enjoy thrifty saving habits but, as with all the Fire signs, the target figure must be both visible and attainable within a relatively short period of time. This group are not long term savers by nature. Like the other Fire signs, they do not like the idea of being excluded from a savings plan by not meeting the initial conditions for entry. Long term planning is unappealing to them and they resist attempts by bankers and accountants to get them to think seriously in this way. Where they excel, however, is in mastering the art of budgeting. This is anything but a natural skill for them but it is a concept that they are able to respond to and once the standing order is set up for them to have a chunk of money sent off to a savings account every month, a behaviour pattern is set up that proves invaluable. Their pride in this achievement is considerable.

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