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Leo Money

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What is important to Leos is how their cash is stored. It is as important to have a purse or wallet of good quality as to have money inside it. The cash held within has got to look good too. Leos have a distaste for anything that looks scruffy or dirty. Notes should be new and coins especially should have a shiny quality about them. Foreign currency which looks and feels substantial has appeal for them. Alloy coinage with little weight is not something that they want to hold in their purse at all. On the other hand, a large and shiny coin that looks good and whose weight implies quality, feels very good to them indeed.

Leo is a Fire sign and those born under this sign have fiery impulses which they try very hard to keep under control. Should they become passionate about something, then, until they have the object of their desire, they can be oblivious to all else. This can lead to difficulties in negotiation as, unlike other signs, they do not determine a bottom line figure of what they are prepared to pay for something before entering into negotiation. Blinded by the need to have the object, and unable to show detachment from what the outcome will be, they cannot help but make it clear to the seller that they are really interested. The experienced salesman can then drive a hard bargain and all too easily Leos can end up paying too much. Not that this will worry them. An inbuilt feeling of ' I deserved it' anyway gets them through any possible trauma. This is not to say that Leos are gullible. In fact, with Leo being a Fixed sign, they can display remarkable self control. They then take great pride in their self-restraint.

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