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Leo Love Friday 19th April 2019

Early next week the Sun and Uranus align at the apex of your solar chart. Unless you lived through the 1930s, you have no prior experience of this vibration. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected and yes, it is reasonable to expect that something major - and perhaps shocking, will take place. You could actually have a hint of this at this Friday's Full Moon - though it may not be an emotional romantic bomb shell that affects you. For those already in partnership, rebalancing and making clear to that special person that regardless of what's going on, you are there for them, will likely take priority. Those not yet in special alliance, could find that emotionally they are more than a little shaken and stirred. It will likely take time to get used to a new vibration and a completely new way of developing a partnership. In short, anticipate this to be a lively and exciting seven days.