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Leo Love Friday 22nd February 2019

Now that Mars is moving through another of the Fixed signs of the Zodiac, it would be understandable if desire wasn't far from the surface. Anticipate that this 'want' will be increased once Uranus joins Mars in that sign at the beginning of March. This weekend should be considered just the overture. Perhaps inspired by the depths of someone else's passion you might want to rethink your own strategy of how you get what you want. Recall too, that Jupiter is now moving through the play area of your solar chart. This is that one year in twelve, when playing the best possible tunes on your heartstrings seems so very important. Before next weekend, and with Mercury on an extended stay in Pisces, anticipate drama at many levels. If involved with those born under one of the Water signs of Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio, accept that they might be steamed up about developments. Romantically and emotionally this could prove a whirlwind of a week.