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Leo Love Friday 14th June 2019

It might help to take note that there is a Full Moon in another of the Fire signs on Monday. This one accents the play zone of your solar chart. And yes, it's likely that around this time of year every year, there is increased craving for romantic activity. For those of you in long-term partnership however, in 2019, this could be a tricky period to negotiate. At issue may be long-term commitment and care of one another not to mention property issues. It might even be that you feel the need to declare a time limit on these talks. Whatever you choose to do, it's probable that the solstice next Friday will mark a turning point. For those of you just embarking on relationships this weekend, there are likely to be several hurdles to negotiate before this partnership can move on. It might start out with lights flashing in a compelling and attractive way but they could soon turn to read stoplights. Hold the thought that Mars moves into your sign at the beginning of next month and that soon it will be all systems go again.