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Helen Mirren

Time Unknown -Noon chart used
Chiswick, London, England

Helen Mirren recently made the headlines when she became the first female actress to be nominated for three acting performances at the Golden Globe Awards in the same year. She won Golden Globes for The Queen and Elizabeth 1 and also the 2007 Academy Award for Best Actress for The Queen.

Unfortunately we don't have a time for Helen's birth (a noon chart is used) but it is known her father was a Russian aristocrat. Helen has a powerful Sun in Leo conjunct Pluto which describes her father's powerful position.

Leo is a sign which needs recognition and also describes a creative, often dramatic type of energy. A Sun Leo person wants to be noticed and with Pluto as part of the equation, the subject tends to come across as extremely powerful. Being an actress is a wonderful way of expressing this energy and Helen has been able to transform (Pluto) herself completely into her many different roles.