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Leo Daily Friday 23rd August 2019

Venus' arrival in a key financial area a couple of days ago doesn't necessarily mean that funds will come your way. It does suggest that you'll start taking a more balanced approach though and that sorting, sifting and even re-financing (if necessary) might be easier for you to do. This might also signal the arrival of someone who has experience in these areas and who could help you through a financial maze. Though at times bored and at other times flummoxed, you might be amazed at how they can make figures sing. Away from finance, you could come to the attention of someone whose eye for fashion gives you ideas.

Are you a Leo boss?

Are you a Leo boss? Though you may be super-generous to employees and never, ever forget the value of a good Christmas party or a blue-skies thinking day, it would be as well to take care that you don’t display signs of pomposity, arrogance or even autocracy. Leos make natural leaders of the pack but do need others to acknowledge their position. If you are a Leo boss, then be careful that you don’t allow others to think that they are inferior (even if that’s what you think!)

On the other hand, if you’re working for a Leo, it would do no harm to let them know that you know how special they are and that you so, so appreciate working for them! No false praise of course – they’ll see right through that but, when appropriate, acknowledge how much you’re achieving together.

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