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Gemini Yearly 2022

You may remember that in 2021 there was a solar eclipse in your sign. These are part of a cycle and recur roughly every decade. The lunar node, - which marks these special moments,- has now moved on and focus has altered. And yet: in the concluding days of 2021 Jupiter arrived in Mutable Pisces. Think of this as the doors being opened on all your aims and objectives. Yes, it is probable that you now need to consider exactly where you live and how you work. Yet the difference now is that career opportunities should abound. In fact, if you're just starting out, this could be an optimum year. In 2022 the retrograde sarin air signs like your own. These should be viewed as periods for reflection and realignment. Then not necessarily bad though true, communications can go awry stop particular care will be needed between May 4 and 22nd and again around the full Moon on June 14. Further challenges lie in wait between September 10 and 23rd.


Yours is a sign known for trying things out. You don't have to get things right first time. Multitasking is your thing. You need trial periods. The first of these happens in the first few months of the year. Until Jupiter leaves that all-important career area mid-May, opportunities should abound and yes, you could be spoilt for choice. Take your time. You can always try things out just for a few months and then commit later in the year. The potential to boost your earnings is considerable. But you need to think too of the responsibilities that will inevitably follow. Certainly, it would appear that your career world is set to expand - especially as Mars moves through your sign between 20th of August and early November. Just remember, that this long period includes a retrograde Mercury and that there could be significant challenges at work during that time.


Jupiter, which has a reputation as a planet of abundance, moves across the apex of your solar chart between the end of 2021 and mid-May, and then again from late October through to the winter solstice on December 21. Between these two periods, Jupiter moves through a key financial zone. Whilst this promises relaxation in restraints, this planet also has a reputation for over-exuberance so that the cash flow (out!) will likely be increased. Ensuring that you close 2022 in at least as good a position as at its start, will require careful thought and most likely, acceptance of personal restraints as opposed to that inflicted by others. With Saturn also passing through one of the Air signs, that restraint could be built and supported by a business partner or adviser. This person could become a major presence in your life - most likely from late January. Indeed, is not too much to suggest that they might even become your agent.


It would be understandable if you'd experienced turbulence in this department over the last couple of years as the nodes moved through your sign. You may be happy to know that the worst of that is now in the past. Now though, you might have much greater realisation of who and what really is important. With the opportunity to expand your social world vastly increased in 2022, it would be unsurprising if you made superior connection. The optimum times for doing so will be as Mercury moves through signs compatible with your own. That covers much of June, September and perhaps most especially, in the second half of November and into early December. Indeed, by the Full Moon on December 8, one special partnership may have developed greatly and brought greater meaning to your life journey.


If there is a danger here, it's that Mars turns retrograde in your sign at the very end of October and, if you've run yourself ragged in the preceding months, that you will experience nervous exhaustion. To avoid this, it is imperative - especially during the summer months, - that you have sufficient rest and ensure that your vitamin and mineral intake is appropriate. The optimum time to do a check would be through September. That month should be viewed as health month and essential checks lead to you restoring balance. It's perhaps also worth mentioning that it's likely to be not your own health, but that of friends that causes most concern. This may be particularly true towards the end of May and sadly, around your birthday. Indeed, it could be someone's ill-health that actually takes the shine of this period. It may be that the energy around you is restorative for them.


Jupiter passes over the apex of your solar chart and family matters may be driven by expansion and new arrivals. No two years are the same, but you may find similarities between 2010 and 2022. Certainly, it would appear you're likely to be inhabiting at least two different worlds and will be excited to embrace new people into your circle. Property matters appear uppermost between mid June and early July, and again between September 5 and 9th. It might also be the case that an older member of the family will require particular care around the Lunar Eclipse on November 8 and that this impacts a career decision.

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