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Gemini Yearly 2020

2020 has been described by esteemed colleagues as the year of the Great Financial Reset. A rare alignment at the start of the year is completed by another formidable planetary arrangement in December marking 2020 as a year of dramatic transition. It's not just developments in artificial intelligence that will affect the world, but many other factors including climate change. Certain signs of the Zodiac are more likely to tune into the need to alter direction than others. Yours is the sign of the great communicator. You have a gift for picking up information in one place and dropping it elsewhere. This then could be your year. The fact that the lunar node enters your sign at the end of June underscores the fact that cosmic attention is about to fall on you. It is important - crucial - that any information you do transmit is of the best and finest quality. Giving attention to this which may well require making adaptations in your career, finances and even relationships. Challenges may be considerable yet, from December, rewarding.


It's arguably time for a rethink. At the very start of the year you may feel that doors are closing and few are opening. All that will change. No situation lasts forever. By April, opportunities should appear though true, it might take as much as a year for these to fully develop. It is arguably important that you focus on building your network and maintain good connections. This will likely not be easy. Mercury (your ruling planet) turns retrograde three times in any year but in 2020 both Venus and Mars too have retrograde periods. Looking back could prove easier than looking forward. Yet it is imperative that you do think ahead. Once the Lunar Node reaches your sign in late June, the potential to attract fresh contacts increases. Yes, you will likely need to improve your knowledge base. Doing this before Jupiter reaches another of the Air signs in December should be considered wise. In fact, at every possible level, 2020 should be viewed as a year for self investment.


Money matters rarely run smoothly: there are always peaks and troughs. Much of what happens in global affairs will of course, be beyond your control. That said, it would be wise to do what you can before mid-February and have several saving pots - yes plural - in place. Mercury turns retrograde mid-February until March 10th which could prove an expensive time: as may be June 18 to July 12. Clues as to just how expensive the latter period will be should be apparent when Venus turns retrograde mid-May. And yes, it may be that it's a partner who consciously or unconsciously has impact on your financial affairs. From the end of June through until early 2021 Mars moves through Aries. It would be helpful during these months to do what you can to clear up old debts - particularly those built since 2013. By taking a proactive approach and agreeing a new repayment schedule, it may be possible, by the time Jupiter and Pluto align mid-November, to feel you are successfully riding a financial wave.


As you might expect from a year when Venus goes retrograde in your sign, relationships are likely be turbulent to say the least. It's perhaps fair to say that in the 40 days between mid-May at the end of June, that it will be necessary to rethink existing partnerships: including the one you have with yourself. It is late in June when the Lunar Node moves from Cancer into your sign. From then, the potential to attract new people into your life increases considerably. True, with Mars then turning retrograde between September 10th and November 14th, it may be that the object of your affections is not as free as they would like to be to develop a partnership. Yet all that will change by the end of the year. In short, it's reasonable to anticipate a year of relationship turbulence. However exciting things are at the very start of the year as Mars moves through your opposite sign between January 3rd and mid-February, it would be as well to note that hurdles will need to be faced. If you're in a long-term union doing what you can to secure it before Venus turns retrograde mid-May would surely be wise.


As you may know, there are three times in every year when Mercury, your ruling planet appears to turn retrograde. Not each of these periods brings the same type of challenge. Occasionally though these periods coincide with the need to give health greater attention. That may be true between mid-February and March 10 and again between mid-May and late June. A strong possibility is that in the first period that your feet will require extra care. With that in mind, you could perhaps think of treating yourself to a pedicure at the beginning of February. Through late May and into June attention should be given to eyesight and hearing. Though obviously much depends on your personal chart in maintaining these senses, you also improve well-being generally.


Of course you know that family isn't necessarily just those to whom you are genetically linked. It also covers people to whom you feel very close: soulmates. Sometimes those relationships last a whole lifetime and others act as regenerators during the life journey. In late June, the Moon's Node moves from Cancer into your sign. Anticipate that in the coming 18 months starting then, that you could draw people to you who yes, may be relatives with whom you already have strong bonds but equally could be people who are about to become major 'family' players. That these events follow on from Venus' retrograde period in your sign between May 13 of June 25 suggests these people could be a breath of fresh air after a challenging few relationship weeks. But yes, it's probable that they'll bring considerable emotional baggage with them and that in terms of family responsibilities, your load is set to increase. Yet with Jupiter and Saturn together moving into another of the Air signs on December 20th, it may be that you're happy to have your family world extended.

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