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Gemini Yearly 2019

Anticipate excitement. 2019 should prove a year to remember. Until December 3rd Jupiter moves through the relationship area of your solar chart and opportunities both social and business should abound. Not that all will be smooth sailing! But like a bird on the wing, you'll likely enjoy the swoops that different currents of air offer. As of March 6th, Uranus makes its final entry into Taurus where it resides for the next seven years before entering your sign. This planet has a justified reputation for bringing chaos and disruption. Yet it can also bring flashes of genius and many thrills. It would be as well to expect a whirlwind year with barely time to catch breath between surfing one set of waves and the next arriving. A word of caution: those of your sign could be singularly affected in the financial sense (more of which later). Whilst the year on the whole promises so, so much, it would be as well in the weeks before March 6th, to ensure that you have good safety nets in place.


A decision made by a colleague and announced not too long after the solar eclipse on January 6th sets in motion changes in the workplace. It may be that revised travel arrangements or a potential change of location has led to them making new plans. This could leave an opening for you. As explained, as of March 6th, Uranus moves into Taurus. From that date you're likely to be increasingly aware of developments (and upsets) within large organisations: whether or not you work for them. Points of contact are likely to change and at short notice. It's perhaps as well that you come from one of the Air signs and should hopefully have no difficulty building fresh connections. That said, one of the challenges of 2019 will surely be to understand the way that other people's brains are wired and to find new neural pathways. On that note, you might even consider undertaking an NLP course. Career development in 2019 seems to revolve around building new lines of communication, understanding new technologies and, quite probably, mastering another language. This may be particularly important in November and a factor in prompting a new business partnership to begin sometime after December 3rd.


The global financial rhythm changes in 2019. It surely won't be long before you find the need to march to a different kind of financial drum. Securing savings and assets prior to Uranus' arrival would be wise. The temptation to spend - especially if linked to travel or partnership will likely be great. Indeed, the summer months could prove particularly expensive. Given that opportunities here could coincide with increased domestic costs by mid August, your position could be put in jeopardy unless particular care is taken. In 2019 the importance of long-term security may be raised several times over. Whilst self-investment might seem one of your highest priorities, it would likely be as well to assume higher insurance costs yet growing need for these services.


Jupiter's arrival in the relationship zone of your solar chart from late 2018 may have already brought romantic possibilities even before 2019 gets started. Opportunities are set to increase by the time Mars reaches your own sign on 31st March. By then, and if you haven't found the perfect partner, you may determine to be proactive (joining a dating agency perhaps). If you're already in a long-term partnership, finding ways of maintaining it will likely have your attention. Optimal ‘playtime' is through July and August (for many, the holiday months). In 2019, given Mercury's retrograde appearance during that time, a delightful dalliance could come your way. For those already in partnership, romantic mischief-making through that same time is likely. The need to explore and share adventure is super strong in 2019 when you may feel that if you don't grab an opportunity it will be lost forever.


The first of the seven years of Uranus' transit of a sign provides fresh challenge. In your case, its arrival in one of the more fragile areas of your solar chart will likely shake up your ideas about maintaining your well-being. Well-being covers everything from spiritual to physical health. Uranus needs to do things differently. It would be understandable if you were drawn towards different daily rhythms including religious observations. You could explore yoga, tae-kwondo or other similar activities. Anticipate too - and especially between 21st August and 4th October the desire to try out alternative therapies. Ancient practices could not just appeal but prove particularly beneficial in a way that might not have been the case even a year ago. It would likely be as well to get yourself into condition by mid-November as this period will likely find you under considerable stress which might lead to dis-ease unless you're able to operate a safety valve.


Family concerns are likely to revolve around finances in 2019. Others may feel you are compromising your position. For your part, you may be concerned about their financial well-being. Referees may be needed - especially around the solar and lunar eclipses in July. As explained, outgoings are likely to be high after Uranus enters Taurus on March 6th. You could experience this at the domestic level especially with rising repair costs from May 16th. It's then that you may need to dig deep into reserves. It will probably take until at least early July to rectify that situation by which time another crisis may be pending. By early October, discussing how you can work in financial partnership is central to discussions. The good news here is that understanding - if not agreement - could be reached before Jupiter leaves your opposite sign on December 3rd.