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Gemini Outlook 2018


The quest, until at least November, could be how much can you fit into your day. It-s not just that work matters will be pressing, but juggling with health issues (not necessarily your own) and redefining yourself generally will demand effort. This doesn-t mean to say that 2018 will be a year of medical drama: it-s more accurate to suggest that you may be looking back on life as it has been, and determining a new shape for the future. That could be literal and result in a new fitness and dietary regime. Soon after the solar eclipse on February 15TH, rather than doing the usual Gemini thing and discussing issues with as many people as possible, you might decide it-s time to take the reins and exercise latent leadership qualities. It-s perhaps also true that you will decide by the solar eclipse in July, that there is one way of working that no longer satisfies you and that must be drawn to a conclusion before year end. As you know, your ruling planet, Mercury, is three retrograde periods in any year. These offer a few weeks for reflection, regrouping and checking facts. Of those in 2018, the one between March 23rd and April 15th should be particularly interesting. Remember, that those of your sign tend to be insightful. It's through this March-April time that you could sense that a colleague, most likely born under one of the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn is set to make an announcement that will have impact on you. Tricky as this could prove in the short term, by later in the year this should give you opportunity to partner elsewhere - having first rid yourself of an excessive workload.


Though it's November 7th before Jupiter makes its move into your opposite sign of Sagittarius, your heartstrings could be played with many times over before that date. It may be that someone darts in and out of your life between the end of January and 18th of March - only to return later. Between May 16th and October 9th , as Mars darts in and out of another of the Air signs, your love life could turn on and off and very much on again. Note that Venus turns retrograde on October 6th . It might be around this time that it-s made clear that a relationship will only work if you make radical adjustment to your working hours. By December 17th all this could be resolved. It might help to know that the lunar eclipses of January 31 and July 27 could, in different ways coincide with romantic blip. Both though should heal within weeks. You might also like to know that optimum periods for romance include the last week of May and from the end of August through to mid September.


At the very least, a shift in your working hours should occur before the end of 2018. It-s probable you will have much on your plate before then. Pressure may be greatest between January 27th and March 18th . This period covers both a lunar and solar eclipse. Though it might not be you who chooses to move on at this time, a decision declared around February 17th could leave you with even more to do in the day. Pressure may be considerable between March 23rd and April 15th . Yet by mid-May and as you likely take greater charge and control, the promise of reward should be on the near horizon. Drawing a team together (though it could take some months), is probable by early October though it could take some weeks to settle in such a way that everyone gives of their best.


All signs will surely experience rising costs in 2018. Preserving savings could prove tricky and valuations fall. Doom-mongering as this might initially appear, hold the thought that this is part of a longer cycle and that the sea-change is presented need not all be negative. The solar eclipse on July 13th promises fresh opportunities. This eclipse is followed by another on August 11th . Between the two, others could make decisions that leave openings for you: though agreed, you will need to carry out risk assessment. It-s entirely possible that you could find ways of boosting income between September 11th and October 6th . It would be wise to set some funds aside to cover repairs as these may be costly from October 6th to December 17. And yes, as a result of these demands (which includes property maintenance), you may well conclude the year with less cash in the bank than at its start.


We all know that stress bring dis-ease. In 2018 you may need to take active steps to support your physical system. As mentioned at the beginning, this may well include changes to your diet and fitness regime. It may be that you need to try out more than one system before you find something that works well for you. Remember that you are ever-evolving and that what might suit you at one time in the year likely won-t suit you later. Regular detox could work well. You could also increase the amount time you spend in movement dance, swimming, yoga et cetera. The greater the quality of your breathing, the better you should feel. Regardless of the actual date of your birthday, organising a spa treat to include May 25, could be one of the best gifts you give to yourself.

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