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Gemini Weekly Sunday 18th August 2019

By next weekend, not only will both Venus and Mars have arrived at the base of your solar chart, but the Moon will be moving toward your sign. It's probable that others will be talking about decisions you are making - or are slowly coming to. The fact that you have fingers in so many pies could be disconcerting to some. Intense communication is indicated for Wednesday. It's likely extremely important that you are selective about the information you impart and that you are doubly, doubly careful about the language you use. Mis-speaking now could create huge difficulties even before the end of the month. Yes, in some sense you might feel as though you're on home turf, talking about things that are really important to you. It's probable though that there is much in the detail yet to be attended to. The fact that others are pouring over every word and examining the nuances of what is proposed should not be seen as a negative. Fact is, that those who practice due diligence should really be in the ascendancy presently and that you will need their assistance (and that hopefully you won't sabotage their best efforts).