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Gemini Weekly Sunday 29th March 2020

Venus reaches your sign next weekend so, perhaps you could view these next seven days as 'wardrobe rehearsal' time. You probably do need a new outfit. Mars alignment with Saturn in another of the Air signs suggests you might be drawn to something that is a little more angular or 21st century (whatever that means for you). Certainly, style is likely to have your attention. Of course, this might also be about finding the right pen, the right signature or a better way to present a document. In all this, you might welcome the advice from someone born under one of the Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Their input and eye for design may be just what's needed presently. Whatever, by the end of this week it may be really important for you to be on top of your game; ready to make key presentation around next week's Full Moon (April 8th).