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Gemini Weekly Sunday 15th July 2018

Hold the thought that we are now in that curious period between eclipses. In fact, between now and the Solar Eclipse on August 11th should be seen as a period for profound change. By Thursday's First Quarter Moon that draws attention to the creative zone of your solar chart, you might think about discussing with colleagues how you could make better use of latent talents. It may be that you now need to be given time and space to develop these. Of course, another possibility is that you will be in exactly the right mood for a holiday! One way or another, the need for a break from usual routine will surely be extremely strong. Even so, others may be keen for you to pay attention to rules and regulations and yes, at some level you could feel as though you're caught in a net and unable to escape. There is arguably no easy answer to this dilemma; though you would surely be wise to listen carefully to the advice of a long experienced adviser who might caution you to speak less and listen more - at least for the next few weeks.