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Gemini Weekly Sunday 21st April 2019

You are probably right to deduce that much is going on in the background. For those in the business of buying and selling this could be an extremely busy time. Extricating yourself from one situation could be high priority. Recall though that Mars is presently travelling through your sign. It might seem to others that you're being particularly pushy or even aggressive. It might help to have someone broker your needs. And yes, it could be some weeks yet before settlement is reached. The good news is that with the assistance of someone (possibly born under Capricorn but certainly having a voice of authority), a step forward could be taken midweek. True, you might still wonder if you've been cheated or udner-mined. Bear in mind that Uranus, a planet that only changes signs approximately every seven years, is still moving through the early degrees of Taurus, and that the whole world is adjusting to a new vibration. These are indeed early days. More give-and-take than usual may be required.