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Gemini Weekly Sunday 1st August 2021

Exactly what is buzzing at the back of your mind? What expertise or nuggets of information are waiting to be tapped? Whilst it might seem that the rest of the world is 'out to get you' and that you need to make key decisions, you perhaps also know that you have valuable insight that is not yet being utilised. You may need to wait until after next weekend's New Moon to identify a long-term goal and the team who could help you accomplish this. Over the last couple of years, Uranus has been moving through one of the most delicate areas of your solar chart. This can be an unsettling experience. It seems carrots are being dangled but that you don't know which to try first. You might also wonder if what you need is greater technical expertise or someone else to come in and take charge. With the lunar node passing through your sign, the pressure is on to be the best Gemini you can be.