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Gemini Weekly Sunday 15th May 2022

You may remember that Mercury is retrograde in Gemini. Don't think of this as being a bad thing: rather see it as an opportunity to 'think before you speak'. You probably have plenty of instances of knowing when you've overstepped the mark or got involved in a conversation that was not beneficial either to you or to the people involved. Particularly around Monday's Lunar Eclipse, it would be wise to stand back and stand clear. Fact is that disturbance is probable and upsets more likely than not. All could and should be resolved before Friday - but only after it's agreed who will take the lead on a project and who will accept responsibility for it. The two roles may not be related. Your role should be to provide vision and design. It may be that you're involved in providing a fitting memorial. Your wordsmith powers should work so, so well here - though true, edit followed by edit followed by edit will likely be necessary.