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Gemini Quarterly

There's the period before the last Quarter Moon on August 19, and the period immediately after when Mars arrives in your sign. As Mars enters Gemini, it begins an extended stay that doesn't conclude until early 2023. Throughout that period you are likely to be super-energised but possibly also flapping about if you don't have clear ideas as to your ultimate direction. It's arguably important that in the first six weeks i.e. throughout July and the greater part of August, that you focus on qualifications and what you would like to achieve before your birthday next year. The art is all in the planning. You may need to form new alliances - particularly when it comes to educational matters. You could also choose this period to review subscriptions and determine which groups are worthy of more of your time and attention. Around the Full Moon on August 12, it should prove a valuable exercise to assess savings schemes (not necessarily financial but items books films et cetera). As you've likely recognised, the world of finance is changing. Between August 20 and early 2023, putting yourself on a course to learn more about crypto currencies and NFT's would be wise. The more information you have, the better able you will be to negotiate challenges.

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