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Gemini Quarterly

This last quarter of 2018 brings challenges for all signs. Though yes, that's true of the last three quarters as well, it's simply that this time costs for you could increase - and exponentially after Jupiter arrives in your opposite sign on November 7th. That this ingress coincides both with the New Moon and Uranus' return to fiery Aries suggests you might need to dig deep into savings and take emergency action to avoid further loss by November 16. It may not be possible to regain your financial position exactly before the end of this quarter. You could though, discover that more than one person is interested in investing in you and your ideas - especially in the last few days of November. Whether or not you want to give away equity is another matter. It's from late November too, that interest in overseas investments and even overseas travel will likely have your attention. Bear in mind that the global financial world could be in turmoil between the end of November and the solstice on December 21st. Though there may be bargains around, you might still be dealing with urgent costs and unable to take advantage of these. Indeed, your priority before the end of December may be to restore or put in place a financial safety net.

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