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Gemini Quarterly

This should prove a very special quarter of the year for Gemini. Venus moves into your sign on April 4th - and for an extended stay. That planet will be retrograde from May 13 to June 25. View this as reassessment time; particularly where relationships are concerned. Of course this will filter through to all areas of your life. It may be necessary to review financial matters as much as affairs of the heart. Note too, that Saturn is now moving through another of the Air signs, Aquarius. This should be viewed as a rehearsal for the full performance that begins on December 21. The need to broaden your horizons by improving qualifications will no doubt be paramount. You might use these months to consider options. Short courses should work better than long ones. A strong possibility is that developments in your workplace will require a review of long-term aims and ambitions. An exercise you might contemplate, is meeting regularly with a life coach or mentor. Of course, plans need constant revision: determining how you can enjoy each step of the journey should smooth your path.

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