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Gemini Quarterly

Robbing Peter to pay Paul, juggling and rearranging deals could be accomplished by the Full Moon on August 3. That lunation signals a complete change in tempo. For just a few weeks then, until August 20th, the focus - though true is still about moving money around, seems driven more by your desire to improve your situation rather than to please others. The valuation of an item you want to sell would likely then take priority. This may be something you want to accomplish by September 5. As we know, 2020 has proved a challenging year. There are now significantly altered patterns of work, income, expense and savings. It would be understandable if, by early September, you determined that you needed to get your money to work better. By September 27 interest on learning more about money management will likely increase. By then you might also be tempted to subscribe to a magazine giving hints and tips.

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