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Gemini Quarterly

Arguably the most important feature of this next quarter, is that Mercury will turn retrograde at the apex of your solar chart on March 6th - just as Uranus makes its final entry into Taurus. Mercury then turns direct on March 29. Those of your sign have a justified reputation for changing your mind frequesnrly and for flitting from A to B. The fact that others can't pin you down can be exasperating to them. Yet perhaps you are fully aware - perhaps even more than most, - that information is arriving all the time, and that it's necessary to be fleet of foot and ready to run with new ideas. It could be argued that a new world order will come into play by the end of March. That applies at the very personal level for you as at the global. The start of this quarter - with the two eclipses one solar and one lunar, suggests that many people will be rethinking their position. By the New Moon on February 4th, you might think you have a clear idea as to where you're going. It would be wise though not to sign and make full full commitment until you're sure that you have all bases covered. When Uranus' entry into Taurus, comes the need to think about your long-term future. Putting in place that long-term gameplan, may be one of the key features 2019.

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