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Gemini Monthly October 2021

October opens with Mercury retrograde in the speculative area of your solar chart. The upside is that in the days leading into the New Moon on October 6, you could see value in areas and items you previously thought useless. Though it might not be easy to obtain valuation, and you should certainly be careful between 7th and 11th that others aren't seducing you into thinking something is worth more than it really is, there is the potential for selling and realising cash gain by the Full moon on October 20. By then Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all be in direct motion. A sense of moving things on and improving conditions will be felt by all signs. You are likely to respond to this quickly - especially over the weekend of 23rd/24th as the Moon passes through your sign. Don't underestimate your ability to absorb information and to use it wisely. Yes, you do have a reputation for being butterfly and moving quickly onto the next thing. If you can, - and probably will - access latent financial acumen over 26th/ 27th you could yet realise gain. That said, doublecheck receipts and guarantees - particularly those that YOU offer. There are clear financial dangers in the last few days of October when all should be aware of the potential for fraud.

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