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Gemini Monthly August 2018

Bear in mind that we are still between eclipses. This extraordinary period doesn't conclude until the Solar Eclipse on August 11. It's a week after that before your ruling planet, Mercury, stations. Maintaining control of the cash flow before 19th might not be at all easy. Even so, before the Solar Eclipse you could identify products and services that will gain value in the coming months. On 19th, and just as your ruling planet stations, Jupiter and Neptune reach one of their better aspects. This could prove to be one of the most important financial dates of your year. True, given that Mercury doesn't return to its retrograde position until early September, it might be wise not to sign contracts at this point. Hand-shake agreement though could be made with the promise of financial advantage from the Full Moon on August 26th. It might be as well to bear in mind that until early September, fluctuations in valuations are probable. If buying or selling in the last days of August, be prepared for much negotiation before agreement is reached.

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