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Gemini Monthly November 2018

On November 7th, Jupiter arrives in your opposite sign. That this event coincides with both the New Moon and Uranus' return to Aries not so many days before the lunar node begins its transit of one of the financial zones of your solar chart, suggests that the financial winds will change direction. Note that during the middle weekend of November, your ruling plane,t Mercury, arrives at a station in your opposite sign, as Venus to arrives at a station and Mars crosses the apex of your solar chart. These factors too signal at the very least an expensive time ahead and at worst, the need to re-budget altogether. One possibility is that something that has been promised will not now be realised. Indeed, by the time that the Sun aligns with both Mercury and Jupiter in your opposite sign on Monday 26th you may need to argue your case for better treatment. It's possible that you will be up against considerable opposition. Of course much depends on your personal chart, and it may be that if you are in financial partnership, that together you'll find a way to cope with any losses. Either way though, and before the close of November, it would be as well to assess both assets and your insurance position carefully before planning any expenditure for next month.

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