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Gemini Monthly August 2019

With Mercury having retrograded back into one of a financial zones of your solar chart, you could begin August in fractionally worried state. Yet Mercury turns direct on August 1st and by 12th will have moved on into the next sign. It's probable that much can yet be achieved. The first thing to do is to take stock. You might be surprised to discover that a situation is not as bad as you thought. True, and given that many signs are likely to overspend in the first 12 days of August, you will need to take care - especially if on holiday - that you don't flex your credit card too much. Investment opportunities between the 12th and 18th warrant careful consideration - especially if these are leisure related. You might also be attracted to new developments regarding power and utilities. Then, as Mars arrives at the very base of your solar chart on August 18 (staying there until early October), attention is likely to turn to what would make your home more energy efficient.It would be worthwhile in the last five days of the month to give careful thought to developments regarding saving. You might well be attracted to both crowd funding and community project offering dividends.

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