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Gemini Monthly April 2019

Mars has now arrived in your sign and doesn't leave there until mid-May. As you might imagine, this should bring extra energy your way. It might also result in cash burning a hole in your pocket. Expenses may well be high - especially in the first 10 days of April until Jupiter arrives at its station in your opposite sign. That event coincides almost exactly with the First Quarter Moon. You might then be grateful to others for their advice to exert greater caution. They may be surprised at indeed delighted, by the way in which he respond. Not only could your willingness to alter attitude to spending entirely. Then, by 20th, you could be wheeling, dealing, and reducing costs considerably. One area in which you might give considerable thought will be to long-term savings and pensions. A new and likely innovative approach may be necessary. Clearly it would be best if you took advice from an expert. You could though give thought to investing in commodities. Jewellery might have your particular attention but so too could cereals and food crops. Again, it's imperative that this is done under advice. Arguably the key thing to remember about money matters this April, is that by month-end you could show a near uncannily ability to save and make shrewd investment.

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