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Gemini Monthly January 2021

You may recall that the lunar node is travelling to your sign. It doesn't complete the journey until the 2021 Winter Solstice. Obviously much depends on your actual birthday, but there is high probability of you making significant domestic change before then. Change is often expensive and best done following careful assessment of estimates. That's a task you may be willing to do once Mercury moves into another of the Air signs on January 8. You won't be the only sign to experience financial volatility this month. Unlike last year, which could been described as the Great Financial Reset, 2021 offers moments of hope and rebuild. Following on from the New Moon on January 14, investments should gain value and, within a week, you could experience a confidence that has been lacking As is likely the case for all signs, focus on insurance is essential. It might be as well to to prepare for emergency expenses around the 26th and, given that Mercury turns retrograde on January 30, accept the need to dig deep into reserves. In short, however good the bargains appear at the start of the month, it would be wise to hold something in reserve.

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