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Gemini Monthly April 2021

Yet again it seems property matters have your full attention. This may be especially true from April 23 and in the days leading up to the Full Moon on 27th. Prior to then it seems there will be much bartering, to-ing and fro-ing and negotiation. And yes, there may be times when you feel you are losing. This may be particularly apparent in the days before the New Moon on April 12. Yet with the New Moon comes fresh energy :a deal could yet be struck around 15th but not cemented until after 20th. Markets are just one way of taking the global financial temperature. After a chilled period in March, (declining indices?) it's probable that these will spark to life again in the last days of April. It's then that you too could husband resources wisely and even perhaps make shrewd investment. There is high probability of you being attracted to new technologies - including robotics and artificial intelligence generally.

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