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Gemini Monthly April 2020

On April 4, Venus enters your sign and doesn't leave until early August. Though Venus is thought of as the planet of love, it is also the planet associated with values - and very commonly, financial matters. It's these that should have your full attention around the Full Moon on April 8. It may be that you are preparing to make a major investment- and probably in partnership. Another possibility is that a group purchase offers fabulous discount. It is perhaps also true to say that this will be a deviation from your normal financial strategy and so understandable if you felt momentarily insecure. A further possibility is preparing for a major sale. This may not be something that can be accomplished much before the end of June. The journey to that decision could lead you to consider valuations and best market practices. It might suit you -especially in the days leading into the New Moon on April 23, - to get advice from someone born under one of the Earth signs of Taurus or Capricorn. With this person's assistance, you could receive unexpected bonus around Pluto's station on 26th.

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