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Gemini Monthly November 2019

It's very likely that you'll conclude that where cash s concerned,that there is far more going out than coming in at least through until November 21st. Your ruling planet is retrograde and in the working area of your solar chart. It could be that work-related expenses break the budget. Getting a handle on this will likely not be easy and require particular concentration between 19th and 21st. Yet you can turn this around. By Tuesday 22nd and Venus' arrival in earthy Capricorn and following on intense conversations with those in a position to offer advice and assistance, you could grapple this monster and ease any financial pain. Nor is the month full of bad news: it may be that some of these 'expenses' are actually related to long-term savings or healthmanagement. It's also possible that what you agree to set aside over the weekend beginning Friday, November 8 will make significant difference to your financial position in 2020. In short, though it might appear that financial matters take priority every single day, you might actually be giving yourself a health boost by attending to detail and thinking long-term.

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