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Gemini Monthly June 2019

Your ruling planet, Mercury, leaves your sign just after the Gemini New Moon on Monday 3rd. At this point in its cycle, Mercury is travelling very fast. You too could be 'fleet of foot' and, where finance is concerned move toward accrual. Certainly, and with care, between Wednesday 5th and Saturday 8th you could experience the delight of more coming in than going out. As of Sunday 9th, Venus moves into your sign and until the end of the month, you may find that others are keen to part you from hard earned cash. You might need to take a firm line on this - especially over the weekend of Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th. In terms of investment, bargains could be found around the solstice on Friday 21st. Whether these are essential repairs, or bargain basement finds, or even, yes perhaps minor investment in equities, you could, before the end of the month, feel as though you have a new angle on financial affairs and that you are indeed turning a corner.

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