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Gemini Monthly August 2020

This month can be divided into six unequal financial parts. Until the 5th and over the Full Moon on 3rd, the endless question of whether you are spending or investing will likely result in you determining that a different strategy is required but which could be adopted between 5th and 8th. Between 8th and 16th the accent is on securing assets, obtaining valuations where necessary plus learning more about how new systems work. This will likely include learning something about crypto currencies between 20th and 21st. You might also cautiously exploring new areas for investment (including waste management?). It may be necessary though by 24th to agree new budget arrangements. Having negotiated potentially traumatic financial rocks, from then until the end of the month whilst focus is again on plugging leaks and securing assets, there is also the high probability of determining how best to invest in good data sources - that covers everything from news supplies to companies protecting information.

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