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Gemini Monthly December 2018

The first thing to note is that until the New Moon on December 7th, Mercury, your ruling planet is retrograde and in an area of your solar chart that accents day to day costs. Quite independent of increased expenditure anticipated at the end of the month, these may prove to be an expensive few days. Do keep receipts and guarantees: especially if making purchases between 3rd and 5th. As is usual for this time of year, that New Moon is in your opposite sign. What makes this year different is that Jupiter is already there and Mars is at right angles to it. The combined effect suggests that you could easily be pushed by others into overspending. Resisting the temptation will likely not be easy. Yet with Venus moving through Scorpio and returning on 17th to a position held at the beginning of October, it's just possible that funds owing to you since around that time will arrive between 17th and 20th. Certainly a much-needed boost or at least relief from a debt is possible over those few days. Better financial times come in the very last days of December. Indeed, if at all possible, set aside Friday 28th to review your position. As the financial waters in 2019 are likely to be choppy, getting a grip on your position would be wise before the year end and all its busy-ness gets underway.

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